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GWT: x.x, edit HTML pages through admin panel

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Editing HTML (jsp) pages throught te admin panel is a simpler and quicker way to manage the pages.

If the user is the administrator, show an "edit" button in all Edition panel that allow the user to edit the shown page

Pages to edit, potentially all but first:
  • home
  • help
  • contact

page name modifiers : lang, profile
filename pattern : <page_id>_<profile>_<lang>.jsp


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If we want to develop HTML editing capacities in the TXM portal, we have first to develop an 'HTML pages export mecanism' to help share and backup HTML pages content.

I think it is more interesting to develop first a mecanism to easily 'import a ZIP of HTML pages' in a portal, that can have the same architecture and reverse strategy as an 'export a ZIP of the HTML pages' mecanism.

Allowing people to import/export HTML pages from portal helps them to use their usual environment to edit HTML (editor, script, etc.).

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