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2269 BugNewNormalEditionGWT: 0.6.1, Synchronize Simple_Viewer_beta usage between XTZ import module and TXM portal
2214 FeatureNewNormalUIGWT: X.X, embedded mode
2202 FeatureNewNormalEditionAdd the possiblity to define the synoptic editions columns order
2201 TaskNewNormalUITranslate edition current page tool tip to french
2198 BugNewNormalUITable columns width of Partition Index/Lexicon are not auto-adjusted
2197 BugNewNormalUISpecificites command, french mispelling
2196 BugNewNormalCommandsSpecificites does not work
2195 BugNewHighStats / RCA command does not work
2194 BugNewNormalMessagesWrong error dialog text for CA command
2193 BugNewNormalMessagesWrong confimation dialog text for the delete partition command
2192 BugNewNormalDevelopmentImprove the welcome loading screen.
2191 TaskNewNormalDevelopmentDefine the txm.war version to display it in the Tomcat Manager
1918 FeatureNewNormalUI / ErgonomyGWT: X.X., Open new browser tab on getPDF action
1906 FeatureNewHighGWT: X.X., Show total frequency and part size in partition indexes
1905 TaskNewHighUIGWT: 0.6.1, BFM Portal Sign-up form, Make "Institution" field obligatory
1830 BugNewHighCommandsGWT: 0.6.1, TIGERSearch query results overload
1605 BugNewHighUI / ErgonomyGWT: ergonomy problem with synoptic editions
1416 BugNewHighAdministrationGWT: 0.6: Java heap space exception
1303 FeatureNewNormalCommandsGWT: X.X, Concordance form default values
1298 TaskNewNormalCommandsGWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL - STEP 4 - login on access restriction
1293 FeatureNewNormalUIGWT: x.x, Exposition mode
1270 TaskNewNormalGWT: X.X, Admin interface, replace "base" with "corpus" in the corpora panel
1269 TaskNewNormalGWT: X.X, Admin interface, show the current version of the portail
1250 BugNewHighLogsGWT: 0.6.1, fix commands log filename
1219 BugNewHighGWT: 0.6.1, Admin interface, "Delete corpus" button disappeared from the admin corpora panel

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