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2334 FeatureUIEXT, Analec: UI terminologyNew

2305 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, annotation mode swithc scenarioNew

2304 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, Unit properties view, Schema properties view and Relation properties viewNew

2303 BugAnnotationRCP: X.X, Glozz export with all Analec propertiesNew

2296 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, expand selection when user select words V2New

2289 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, Analec annotation through a concordanceNew

2288 BugAnnotationRCP: 0.7.8, changing viewed editions reset the annotation highlightsNew

2271 BugAnnotationRCP: X.X, dirty corpus annotations managementNew

2168 BugAnnotationRCP: X.X, Automatically Save corpus before exporting corpusNew

2088 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, add units navigation buttons in the Unit view, similar to edition pages navigation buttons V2New

2064 BugAnnotationRCP: 0.7.8, multi word unit continuity displayNew

2046 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, automatic unit propertiesNew

2042 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, align Analec annotation with an imported corpusNew

2016 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, Analec annotations life cycleNew

1936 FeatureMacrosRCP: X.X, Analec annotations creation macros using CQL patternsNew

1896 FeatureUIRCP: X.X, auto-fill the Analec unit REF property with words formNew

1895 FeatureUIRCP: X.X, analec copy unit toolbar buttonNew

1886 FeatureUIEdition, Show unit information in word tooltipsNew

1852 FeatureUIEdition Analec unit creation, two steps word span selectionNew

1851 FeatureUIword selection shortcutsNew

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