TXM Portal 0.6.3

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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Category Subject % Done
2905 BugNewUrgentStats / RDiagnose all statistical commands (Specificities, CA, Cooccurrences)

2925 TaskNewHighUI / Link / CommandAdd "props" parameter to internal links to commands

2985 TaskNewNormalConfigurationGWT: replace the portal_address portal parameter

2996 BugNewNormalExportGWT: corpus download command, wrong downloaded file extension (zip)

2195 BugNewHighStats / RCA command does not work

2196 BugNewHighCommandsSpecificites does not work

904 FeatureNewUrgentImportGWT: X.X, Adding a new corpus to a portal, provide RCP like 'Load' functionnality

1605 BugNewHighUI / ErgonomyGWT: ergonomy problem with synoptic editions

2894 BugNewUrgentCorpusBroken upload command

282 BugNewHighUI / InteractionGWT: 0.5, Highlighting of concordance pivots is lost when navigating in edition pages

431 BugNewHighAdministrationGWT: x.x, check profile coherence before saving it

1250 BugNewHighLogsGWT: 0.6.1, fix commands log filename

2884 TaskNewHighRename the built-in profile "Newbe" into "Newbie"

1603 FeatureNewHighUI / ErgonomyGWT: Admin interface, height of the user profiles editor text area is too small

1606 FeatureNewHighUI / ErgonomyGWT: restore the double click on line function to open an edition from the texts table

1906 FeatureNewHighGWT: X.X., Show total frequency and part size in partition indexes

1907 TaskNewHighCommandsGWT: X.X., Add more details to Dimensions command result on corpus/subcorpus and rename it 'Description'

2202 FeatureNewHighEditionAdd the possiblity to define the synoptic editions columns order

2388 BugNewHighExportGWT: 0.6.2, Arithmetic error on export of 1 occurrence concordance

2883 TaskNewHighAdministrationrename .TXMWEB directory

2886 TaskNewHighEditionEdition, default editions

2887 BugNewImmediateUIDuplicated 'home' toolbar button

2904 TaskNewHighCommandsConcordances pivot column justification

2910 BugNewUrgentAdministration"Update logs" command not working in TXM portal admin interface

2944 BugNewHighAdministrationGWT: 0.6.2, Admin interface, "Remove corpus" command does not delete the corpus properly

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