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12:27 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2781 (New): delete word or structure property
It would be useful to be able to remove any word property or any structure property of a corpus, in particular in the...


01:31 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2780 (New): impossible to switch to the R perspective
h3. Description of the problem
The 'Affichage > Perspectives > R' command doesn't do anything.
h3. How to repro...


02:46 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2696: Improve TXMResult delete confirmation pop up window messages
Do you really want to delete the element {result simple name}?
Voulez-vous vraiment supprimer l'élé...


01:27 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2698: RCP: X.X, JavaFX libraries
h1. Documentation
* Extension Mechanism Architecture:
01:10 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2698: RCP: X.X, JavaFX libraries
There is maybe also the @org.osgi.framework.system.packages.extra@ property to drive the osgi boot classpath.
* sour...


04:32 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2688 (New): RCP: 0.8.0, TreeTagger installation tutorial path incorrect dependance on LOCALE
On windows, if the LOCALE is set to 'it' (italian), the TreeTagger installation tutorial path used is @http://textome...


02:28 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2538 (New): RCP: 0.8.0, antivirus compatibility on Windows
h3. Diagnostic
On some Windows, with some antivirus, a virus is detected in the .exe:
* Windows 8.1 Professional,...


06:15 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2520 (New): RCP: 0.7.9, CQP recursive structures management in conflict with some structure ...
Currently cwb-encode renames nested div tags with div1, div2, etc. depending on the depth of the div.
If the sourc...


10:13 am Plateforme TXM Feature #2518 (New): RCP: 0.8.0, display the creation date of a corpus in Properties command
Currently, the comment field of a corpus is pre-filled with the current date (and the current user id) to help the us...


04:05 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2517 (New): RCP: 0.7.9, give useful information in the console when "disk full" error occur...
Currently, a "disk full" error breaks import modules with a big stacktrace like the following:...

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