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10:33 Plateforme TXM Feature #2279 (New): RCP: X.X, restore TXM configuration at setup
Currently a TXM configuration is defined by:
* Preferences
** TXM / Advanced : TreeTagger
** TXM / Advanced : all ...


14:29 Plateforme TXM Feature #2275 (New): TBX: 0.7.8: TextTranscription2TRS macro, add media file name into TRS header
Media filename may be missing from header for some application of .TRS files.
h2. Solution 1.1
Add media file n...


14:02 Plateforme TXM Feature #2273 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, add corpus position display in Concordance & Reference commands
Some sub-corpus management activities may require fine tuning of corpus positions, but currently corpus positions are...


15:37 Plateforme TXM Feature #2254: RCP: X.X, je produis une page HTML de base lisible par les gentils êtres humains
Je confirme que ce ticket ne concerne que le formatage de l'entête et du pied de fichier. Aucun contenu textuel ne do...
15:16 Plateforme TXM Feature #2255 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, all import modules, customize CSS by MYCORPUS.css file in source...
Allow HTML editions styling customization by CSS.
h3. Solution
For all import modules Pagers: if a "MYCORPUS.cs...


18:09 Plateforme TXM Bug #2253 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, XML/w and XTZ import module, newline in attribute values breaks word...
Strip newlines from attribute values when producing XML-TXM or WTC respresentation of the corpus.


09:08 Plateforme TXM Bug #2252 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, XML/w import module, creating text identifiers fails when the root <...
If source files have the following structure, the creation of text identifiers fails and some functio...


16:23 Plateforme TXM Feature #2230 (New): GWT: 0.6.2, login and password are not trimmed
Currently the connection dialog box login and password field values are not trimmed (extra space around the values).


15:04 Plateforme TXM Feature #2223 (New): RCP: X.X, sign TXM for authenticity and integrity with certified hash key
Currently the TXM software is not signed to validate authenticity and integrity.
For some operating systems (eg Wi...


16:18 Plateforme TXM Feature #2214 (New): GWT: X.X, embedded mode
Add a "mode=embedded" url parameter to ease remote access to portal services:
* similar to "mode=expo" -> simplifi...

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