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19:57 Task #595 (In Progress): GWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL
step 1: edition, texts
step 2: the ot...
Alexey Lavrentev
19:45 Task #594 (Closed): GWT: 0.5, Fix outcoming email format
Needed to send emails to gmail users Alexey Lavrentev
19:22 Bug #442 (Closed): GWT: 0.5, "Motive" browsing of editions, the tab name is not updated at text c...
This ticket is duplicated in #565 Alexey Lavrentev
19:09 Bug #308: GWT: 0.5, Impossible to start a session with Firefox (versions to precise) after the BF...
A FAQ page created for the BFM users: Alexey Lavrentev
19:03 Bug #290 (Closed): GWT: 0.5, Column names in concordance export
Alexey Lavrentev
18:59 Task #288: GWT: x.x, Fix warning issues
More details needed. Alexey Lavrentev
18:55 Task #286 (Closed): GWT: x.x, Enlarge the default contexts size
Default context size set to 50 + 50 on the BFM portal. Alexey Lavrentev
18:53 Bug #284: GWT: 0.5, Users' subcorpora lost at portal restart
Verify status of the point 2 and, if necessary, open a new ticket before closing this one. Alexey Lavrentev
18:50 Bug #283: GWT: 0.5, Impossible to update bibliographic records files
This ticket may be closed as soon as the portal admin manual is updated. Alexey Lavrentev
18:30 Bug #242 (Feedback): GWT: 0.5, Modify administrator profile data using GUI does not work
This change requires an email to be sent from the portal to the new address. It cannot work if outcoming mail service... Alexey Lavrentev
18:10 Task #163 (Feedback): Vérifier le navigateur et afficher un avertissement si Safari
Alexey Lavrentev
18:08 Task #161 (Feedback): GWT: 0.5, Multiple RServe servers for multiple portals per machine
Alexey Lavrentev
17:56 Bug #156 (Closed): Redémarrage du portail
Alexey Lavrentev
17:55 Bug #155 (Closed): Edition et texte sans droit d'Edition
Alexey Lavrentev
17:42 Task #154 (Closed): Droits et affichage des icones dans la fonction Textes
Alexey Lavrentev
17:41 Bug #153 (Closed): Fonction Textes : colonnes et icone
Ticket #593 created. Alexey Lavrentev
17:40 Task #593 (New): GWT: x,x, "Texts" command, Make the names of columns "id", "Biblio" and "PDF" cu...
Either through portal admin interface or through corpus import parameters Alexey Lavrentev
17:31 Feature #152 (Closed): PDF téléchargeable depuis fonction Textes
Alexey Lavrentev
17:30 Bug #151 (Closed): Edition sur sous-corpus ou partition
Alexey Lavrentev
17:27 Bug #150 (Closed): L'ajout d'une facette d'édition casse la navigation
Alexey Lavrentev
17:26 Bug #149 (Closed): boite de dialogue après export trop petite
Alexey Lavrentev
17:25 Bug #148 (Closed): lien cassé des exports
Alexey Lavrentev
17:24 Feature #147 (Closed): extension des fichiers d'export
Alexey Lavrentev
17:21 Bug #146: GWT: 0.5, Problem with the display of pop-ups
This problem persists as of 2014-02-07 Alexey Lavrentev
17:10 Bug #144 (Closed): Le nom de l'onglet "Corpus" disparait
Alexey Lavrentev
17:10 Bug #143 (Closed): les liens dans les mails ne sont pas bons
Alexey Lavrentev


15:36 Task #583 (Closed): GWT: x.x, Translate 'Property' in the French "Créer une partition" form
Alexey Lavrentev
14:32 Task #580 (Closed): GWT: x.x, Remove transparency from sign-up form
Alexey Lavrentev


17:40 Feature #572 (New): TBX: x.x, check validity of R object created after "Send to R" has been called
In parano mode, we can check the validity of the created object by comparing data Matthieu Decorde
17:38 Feature #571 (New): RCP: x.x, transfert the object name when calling "Send to R"
Sending the object name may be helpful
ex: $name <- "Concordance de \"citoyen\" dans le corpus \"Voeux\""
Matthieu Decorde
17:37 Feature #570 (New): RCP: x.x, add Groovy perspective
There is a R perspective but no Groovy perspective ! :o Matthieu Decorde
17:36 Bug #569 (New): RCP: x.x, the ">|" navigation is broken
the ">|" navigation button of the Index is broken. it goes to far : 201 / 200 Matthieu Decorde
17:34 Bug #568 (New): RCP: progress dialog of partition dialog
There is no progress dialog when creating a partition. Add one. Matthieu Decorde
17:34 Feature #567 (New): RCP: Don't open LexicalTable when created
Since LexicalTable might be long to display, we can add a preference to open or not LexicalTables when they are created. Matthieu Decorde
17:32 Task #566 (New): RCP: TreeTagger plugin
Be able to install TreeTagger as a plugin in TXM Matthieu Decorde
16:38 Feature #565 (New): GWT: x.x, Edition, Show text ID when browsing by motive
For each displayed page, the user should know what text it is from. The tab name must be updated at text shift. In ad... Alexey Lavrentev
10:13 Feature #564 (Closed): TBX: x.x, R install.packages bug
For some environments, R package installation doesn't work.
For example on Ubuntu 64bits 12.04 TXM 0.7.5 beta :
Serge Heiden
09:12 Bug #501: RCP: 0.7.5, main toolbar should be aligned on the left
Current order: Perspective button - TXM buttons Matthieu Decorde
08:49 Bug #186: TBX: 0.7.2, R charts engine/SVG, Specificity Histogram, Key hides the graphic
TODO: Almost fixed, now we need to calculate the outset of the legend depending on the length of the legend Matthieu Decorde


15:44 Task #563 (Closed): RCP: x.x, add PracticallyMacro to the extension update sites
Add Practically to the available extensions in the Stable update site. Matthieu Decorde


16:09 Bug #561 (Closed): TBX: 0.7.5beta, test if registry file has been create by cwb-encode
Add a test, in Groovy import script, after cwb-encode call to check if the registry file was created.
If the regis...
Matthieu Decorde


17:24 Bug #554: TBX: 0.7.5beta, ApplyXSL2.processImportFiles was processing XSL files
How do you decide that a file is an XSL file?
Serge Heiden
17:02 Task #559 (New): TBX: x.x: update Javadoc
Never ending task : do the Javadoc !
Estimated time : infinity
% done : 1 / infinity
Matthieu Decorde
17:00 Task #558 (Closed): TBX: 0.7.5beta, rename package org.txm.macros to org.txm.macro
1- Rename package org.txm.macros to org.txm.macro: OK
2- update setup script: OK
3- Check for ref...
Matthieu Decorde
16:58 Task #557 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: change RELEASE update level to STABLE
Since plugins don't have releases, change the 'RELEASE' update level key to the 'STABLE' key Matthieu Decorde
16:53 Task #556 (Closed): TBX: 0.7.5beta, refactor parameters
Refactor :
File-Folder to Folder
String-Long to Text
Matthieu Decorde
16:52 Task #555 (Closed): TBX: x.x: compiler.groovy scripts use the log preferences level
compiler.groovy scripts now use the log preferences level to set debug mode or not
If level is <= SEVERE then, CwbEn...
Matthieu Decorde
16:49 Bug #554 (Closed): TBX: 0.7.5beta, ApplyXSL2.processImportFiles was processing XSL files
ApplyXSL2.processImportFiles was processing XSL files Matthieu Decorde
16:39 Bug #553 (New): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: File explorer, paste command fail with directories
In the File explorer view, trying to copy-paste a directory fail.
The functionality has been disable for directories
Matthieu Decorde
16:35 Bug #469 (Closed): RCP: x.x, fix the toolbar position
duplicates with #501 Matthieu Decorde
16:31 Bug #528: RCP: 0.7.5, xml/w import module, some xml tags are indexed as words
I've add a test after cwb-encode call to check if the registry file was created or not. This would help people to spo... Matthieu Decorde
15:07 Bug #552 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: text separator metadata not set in preferences
The "text separator" preference can not be changed to "".
(fixed in RCP)
Matthieu Decorde


19:34 Feature #546 (Closed): GWT: x.x, Distinguish AdminContactEmail from the address in the "From" fie...
Separate variables should be used for these purposes Alexey Lavrentev
12:32 Task #545 (Closed): RCP: x.x TXM binary corpus extension
To prevent user to modify a binary corpus, no more use the ".zip" extension:
- load corpus with the ".txm" extensio...
Matthieu Decorde
12:30 Task #544 (Closed): RCP: x.x add "Execute Last Groovy script" command
The command executes the last executed Groovy script:
- add F12 binding
- add button in the toolbar (icon = play + ...
Matthieu Decorde
12:27 Task #543 (Closed): RCP: Groovy script binding names
Change binding names :
- from corporaSelection to corpusViewSelection
- fromcorporaSelections to corpusViewSelectio...
Matthieu Decorde
12:26 Task #542 (Closed): RCP: x.x Save before script execution
When TextEditor file need to be saved. A dialog box is shown to ask user to choose between:
- cancel execution (defa...
Matthieu Decorde
12:22 Task #541 (Closed): RCP: x.x remove "Submit" button, R pesrpective
Remove the "Submit" button in the toolbar of the R Perspective. It is no more needed because of the "Execute Script" ... Matthieu Decorde


15:29 Feature #540 (Closed): GWT: x.x, activity log
see: txm_info wiki
Upgrade the Log messages of the portal activities.
Matthieu Decorde
15:25 Bug #539 (Closed): GWT: 0.5beta, wrong activity properties values order
Some properties values are misplaced.
See column "login" with value "askAccessAndSubscribe" in sherpa/ projects/bfm/...
Matthieu Decorde
10:45 Task #537: GWT: x.x, create logs for "getPDF" action
XML sources download activity should be done in the same way as PDF download activity.
That is, a 'XML sources downl...
Serge Heiden
10:42 Task #537: GWT: x.x, create logs for "getPDF" action
This ticket should be linked to a ticket concerning activity logging on the portal.
PDF download activity should be s...
Serge Heiden


19:55 Task #537 (Closed): GWT: x.x, create logs for "getPDF" action
Currently, the action of clicking on a PDF icon in the list of texts does not seem to produce any entry in the log.
Alexey Lavrentev
16:21 Feature #535 (Closed): GWT: x.x, upgrade subscription logs
- Allow admin to have quick access to subscription logs
- log failure and success (right now only the subscription r...
Matthieu Decorde
12:04 Bug #534 (Resolved): GWT: 0.5, Spelling problem in the FR "Identifiant déjà utilisé" error message
Remplacer :
"... un ... un autre"
"... en ... un autre"
Cette coquille se manifeste uniquement en cas...
Alexey Lavrentev
11:11 Bug #525: RCP: 0.7.5, Fix timeout error at start-up when user is using a proxy
We also need to try to define the default "Network connection" preference to "Native". A link : http://eclipsesource.... Sebastien Jacquot
09:53 Bug #469: RCP: x.x, fix the toolbar position
Successfully removed the spaces before perspective switcher.
But PracticallyMacro buttons are displayed before TXM...
Matthieu Decorde


16:44 Feature #533 (New): RCP: x.x use Eclipse RCP WebBrowser preference page
See how eclipse uses these preferences and use them in TXM Matthieu Decorde
16:40 Feature #532 (New): RCP: x.x: Transform QueryIndex into a plugin
Transform the QueryIndex into a plugin using the code of the RCP project Matthieu Decorde
16:34 Task #521: RCP: x.x, prevent interruptions while calling R
R calls guarded Matthieu Decorde
16:32 Bug #528: RCP: 0.7.5, xml/w import module, some xml tags are indexed as words
fix bugs in the SattributeListener class:
- structure depth
- missing properties
Matthieu Decorde
16:30 Bug #529: RCP: 0.7.5, xml-tei bfm import module, "could not delete [file] for metadatainjection" ...
that was a missplaced test Matthieu Decorde
15:11 Bug #531 (New): TBX: x.x, mac os x 10.9 graphic generation
Since Mac OS X 10.9, SVG graphics failed to be rendered in R: a R error message ask for X11 and propose to install XQ... Matthieu Decorde


16:06 Bug #530 (New): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: remove "Update details" step during update
The "Update details" step during update is not useful. See how to remove it from Eclipse RCP update process Matthieu Decorde


19:47 Bug #529 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5, xml-tei bfm import module, "could not delete [file] for metadatain...
This error occurs on corpora that were successfully imported with TXM 0.7.2... Alexey Lavrentev
19:14 Bug #528 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5, xml/w import module, some xml tags are indexed as words
Some xml tags from the source document appear as words in lexical indexes, e.g. ... Alexey Lavrentev
15:56 Task #527 (New): RCP: 0.7.7, Replug RSVGDevice
Current R SVG driver produces SVG that does not allow people to easily edit graphic labels (all character strings are... Matthieu Decorde
11:47 Feature #526 (New): TBX: x.x, Transcriber import module, inject speakers properties
In Transcriber import module,
If a 'speakers.csv' file is present inject each speaker properties into every <u> st...
Matthieu Decorde
09:18 Bug #525 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5, Fix timeout error at start-up when user is using a proxy
During TXM startup, the splash screen is frozen for X minutes.
See attached log file for stacktraces.
h3. Solutio...
Matthieu Decorde
09:07 Bug #524: RCP: 0.7.5 beta: show path or corpus name in the error message concerning import.xml file
Add the import.xml file path to the message
Change log level from severe to warning
Remove the node content part
Add ...
Matthieu Decorde


18:04 Bug #524 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: show path or corpus name in the error message concerning impo...
This message is currently displayed when "Show stacktrace" option is activated in TXM preferences :
>Chargement de...
Alexey Lavrentev
17:50 Bug #523 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: fix paths in TXM preferences backup (Windows)
During preference restoration, the org.txm.rcpapplication.prefs is not correctly read.
It contains "\" to escape s...
Alexey Lavrentev
09:08 Bug #246 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.2, Ubuntu 64 bits, security alert during installation
Matthieu Decorde


14:40 Task #521 (Closed): RCP: x.x, prevent interruptions while calling R
1) Guard all R steps during computations
2) Check if an interruption was raised and stop the computation if necessary
Matthieu Decorde
14:25 Task #520 (New): RCP: x.x, handle update site miss configuration
If an update site is missconfigured (e.g no file), TXM should handle the exception
1) Stop update
2) continue if ex...
Matthieu Decorde
11:37 Task #519 (New): RCP: x.x, UI language setting at install
Be able to set UI language setting at install
1) to guess the user language: use the system locale settings
2) A...
Matthieu Decorde


08:55 Task #514 (In Progress): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: remove RCP webBrowser preference page
Matthieu Decorde


17:33 Task #517 (New): RCP: x.x Installation test plugin
Create a plugin using the "TestCommands" and "TestImports" commands Matthieu Decorde
17:27 Task #516 (In Progress): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: check R package installation during installation
Allow partial installation of R packages:
* for each component which does not work: StatEngine, Cooccurrence, Specif...
Matthieu Decorde
13:49 Task #514 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: remove RCP webBrowser preference page
This page has no effect on TXM internal browser
1) Remove this preference page
2) See how eclipse uses these pref...
Matthieu Decorde
11:54 Bug #492: RCP: 0.7.5 beta: Fix cooccurrence interruption
Solution: Disable interruption when calling R Matthieu Decorde
11:46 Bug #492: RCP: 0.7.5 beta: Fix cooccurrence interruption
We could reproduced the bug when stopping at LexicalTable step Matthieu Decorde
10:46 Task #502: RCP: 0.7.5 beta: remove Lab perspective
Lab perspective removed Matthieu Decorde
10:45 Bug #513 (New): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: backtotext, heap exception
Because of a heap exception the BackToText fail with the BFM corpus.
On Windows, event if the Xmx is set to 1024M,...
Matthieu Decorde


09:21 Task #503 (New): RCP: x.x, organization of the results directory
Organize the "results" directory :
- by corpus
- Build file name with the command name
Matthieu Decorde
09:05 Task #502 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5 beta: remove Lab perspective
1) remove Lab perspective
- from menus
- remove experimental AFC parameters
2) transfer Lab functionalities in n...
Matthieu Decorde
09:04 Bug #501 (Closed): RCP: 0.7.5, main toolbar should be aligned on the left
Since Eclipse RCP version 4.3 update, the main toolbar is placed on the right of the perpectives buttons. The main to... Matthieu Decorde
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