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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Category Subject % Done
1443 FeatureNewNormalDocumentationGWT: x.x, add default documentation FAQ

1604 TaskNewNormalDocumentationDOC: create a doc to explain how to listen on port 80 instead of 8080

1194 BugNewNormalEditionGWT: 0.6.1, edition page CSS clash

1579 FeatureNewHighEditionPortal 0.6.1: images of facs edition are not managed by the user account system

2269 BugNewNormalEditionGWT: 0.6.1, Synchronize Simple_Viewer_beta usage between XTZ import module and TXM portal

440 TaskNewNormalImportGWT: x,x, "Texts" table, set multiple sort keys at corpus import

1136 TaskNewNormalMessagesGWT: 0.6.1, Redundant vertical bar between buttons in the contextual menu

2193 BugNewNormalMessagesWrong confimation dialog text for the delete partition command

2194 BugNewNormalMessagesWrong error dialog text for CA command

2885 TaskNewNormalMessagesBetter portal title display

2874 TaskNewNormalSetupUpdate installer

1133 BugNewNormalStats / RGWT: 0.6.1, Cooccurences not working

565 FeatureNewNormalUIGWT: x.x, Edition, Show text ID when browsing by motive

1126 BugNewNormalUIGWT: x.x, toolbar buttons tooltip - Polish

1218 FeatureNewNormalUIGWT: X.X, index properties order parameter

2197 BugNewNormalUISpecificites command, french mispelling

2198 BugNewNormalUITable columns width of Partition Index/Lexicon are not auto-adjusted

2201 TaskNewNormalUITranslate edition current page tool tip to french

2214 FeatureNewNormalUIGWT: X.X, embedded mode

2576 BugNewNormalUITab key of connection pop up dialog moves the focus to the "lost password" link

2873 BugNewNormalUIConcordance, broken on opening

2895 TaskNewNormalUIJSP default encoding

2983 BugNewNormalUIGWT: Corpora view contextual menu, hide disable items

1202 TaskNewNormalUI / EditorGWT: 0.6.1, Index "frequency" column size

1498 FeatureNewNormalUI / ErgonomyGWT: x.x, update Edition next/previous page navigation, add 'first/last text' buttons

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