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GWT: x.x, update Edition next/previous page navigation, add 'first/last text' buttons

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Diagnostic A

Since import modules now produce text editions which always display metadata information at the beginning of each text, it is easy now to understand when we are at the beginning of a new text. But to read the next text after the end of the current one, one has to use the 'next text' button which is not practical for corpora made of small texts.

Solution A

Change the behavior of the 'next page' button: when the end of text is reached, display the first page of the next text if available.

Add a symetric behavior for 'previous page'.

Diagnostic B

Current text edition navigation design uses 3 types of commands:
  • next page, >
  • end of text, >|
  • next text, >>
    It would be more intuitive for navigation (easier to learn) to balance behaviors between text pages navigation and texts navigation by adding navigation commands to 'last text' (aka end of corpus).

Solution B

Add two additional commands and buttons to the Edition editor navigation toolbar:
  • First text (go to first page of first text), |<<
  • Last text (go to first page of last text), >>|


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