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RCP: X.X, add units navigation buttons in the Unit view, similar to edition pages navigation buttons V2

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The Unit view displays unit properties values. It is a contextual view of the (eg selected) current unit.

Starting from viewing the properties of a specific unit possible actions are to visualize the properties of other units, typically of the next or previous one, of the same schema or skip to the next schema, etc.


add navigation buttons analogous to the text-page edition navigation toolbar in three separated clusters:

first cluster
  • first unit of the schema (/relation?)
  • previous unit
  • goto unit X / Y
  • next unit
  • last unit of the schema
followed by
  • first schema of the text
  • previous schema
  • goto schema X / Y
  • next schema
  • last schema of the text
followed by
  • first text of the corpus
  • previous text
  • goto text X / Y
  • next text
  • last text of the corpus


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