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RCP: 0.7.7, add a command to load a corpus from a directory

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A command to load a corpus from a directory may be useful for special cases like development tasks or in case of some corpus have not been restored on a new TXM installation.


#1 Mis à jour par Serge Heiden il y a presque 4 ans

The current TXM binary corpus .TXM file management policy is modeled on the LibreOffice .ODT file management policy (zip file with private extension) to ease corpora exchange by imitating word processor files exchange.

A command dedicated to an alternative internal corpus format should be restricted to expert users only, for example through the 'expert mode' option in the 'update level' preference section, or a hidden 'developer perspective', or a TXM 'expert-mode' launch option, etc.

TXM installation or update corpora management problems should not rely on the knowledge from the end user of such an internal format. If we want to further mimic LibreOffice file management scenario, we could develop a new 'corpus recovery' command (LibreOffice file recovery scenario is nevertheless fragile currently).

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