Feature #321

RCP: x.x, import modules, help diagnose holes in metadata.csv

Ajouté par Serge Heiden il y a presque 5 ans.

Statut:New Début:03/09/2013
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Catégorie:Import Temps passé: -
Version cible:TXM X.X


The metadata display tab in the import parameters view should help to diagnose
empty cells in the table.
A new preference can be created called 'ignore empty metadata fields' set
to 'yes' by default. If set to 'no', TXM should interupt the import process
of a corpus whose metadata.csv (or maybe any metadata value) is empty, giving
a precise diagnostic of the cell concerned (text, name, type...).

Source: TXM Workshop 2013-06-04 Lyon

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