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Inaccuracy in the Wiki documentation for developers (Eclipse Delta Pack)

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Section 'install' of the page : https://txm.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Build_the_toolbox_and_the_application
should describe the way to install Eclipse Delta pack (due to lack of Eclipse update site for this plugin at the moment), here is a proposal :
- extract the archive in a directory of your choice. Note: files will not be copied during installation of the plug-in in Eclipse so extracted directory must be kept (and may be moved in the Eclipse directory himself if you want a portable Eclipse)
- in Eclipse go to Window > Preferences > Plug-in development > Target Platform
- Edit current Running configuration
- Click 'Add...' and select 'Installation' content. Specify the location of the unarchived Delta Pack Plug-in directory then click 'Finish'


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