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RCP: X.X, Index to Lexical Table third margin option (reference corpus size defined by a CQL query)

Ajouté par Benedicte Pincemin il y a presque 2 ans. Mis à jour il y a 8 mois.

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Version cible:TXM 0.8.0


Adding a third option to the dialog box when converting an Index result into a Lexical table, defining the reference corpus size through a given CQL query.

The new choice set would be :
[in english :]
Select which margins you want to use :
  • Use all occurrences
  • Use index occurrences
  • Use occurrences selected by this CQL : * name : * query :
[in French :]
Sélectionnez les marges à utiliser :
  • Total toutes les occurrences du corpus
  • Total toutes les occurrences recensées par l'index [here there is a typo to fix on "rencensées"]
  • Total toutes les occurrences sélectionnées par cette CQL : * nom : * équation :

The default value for the query field is the CQL query used for the current index.

The CQL query is used to compute the sizes of the parts.

As for the first option (the "use all occurrences" one), a line is added, and the "name" parameter is used to build the name of this new line, for example #RESTE_<name>#.

A test checks that no part has a negative value for the #RESTE_<name># line : if a negative value occurs, then the Lexical Table is not built and a message is displayed to the user, such as : "The Lexical Table could not be computed because the reference corpus size defined by the CQL is smaller than the size of the set of occurrences selected by the index."


#1 Mis à jour par Benedicte Pincemin il y a presque 2 ans

When I suggested this feature in 2011, Matthieu wondered whether the CQL query should be replaced by a second index.
In term of user interface it would be something new and challenging (selecting 2 indexes with non symetric roles, without confusions), but anyway the CQL query must have been tested through an index before using it as a parameter.

#2 Mis à jour par Sebastien Jacquot il y a 8 mois

  • Version cible changé de TXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration) à TXM 0.8.0

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