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2380 FeatureNewNormalRCP X.X: update the XML TXM TEI pivot representation of transcriptions used by the XML Transcriber+CSV import module16/05/2018 15:45
2365 FeatureNewNormalTXM: X.X, word level tags management in XML-TEI imports and TXM commands11/04/2018 10:18
2363 FeatureNewNormalTBX: 0.7.9, move some TreeTagger default options to public preferences09/04/2018 17:34
2358 FeatureNewHighRCP X.X: XTZ-CSV import module, set "teiHeader" as default value for out-of-text parameter in import parameters input form24/04/2018 11:56
2355 FeatureNewHighRCP: X.X, word selection: transfert Analec feature to default Edition09/03/2018 12:03
2344 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, bind 'file content type' / 'file extension binding' component to import modules21/02/2018 17:18
2341 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, fill the "Main language" input parameter values menu from the list of available language model files09/02/2018 11:18
2340 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, add a maximum number of file names displayed in import logs threshold09/02/2018 10:22
2338 FeatureNewUrgentNightly plugins wellformdness tests15/02/2018 16:06
2337 FeatureNewUrgentBuild nightly builds08/02/2018 15:16
2334 FeatureNewNormalEXT, Analec: UI terminology05/02/2018 17:13
2333 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, replace .wtc extensions with .cqp extensions05/02/2018 11:13
2325 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X,X, New import parameter, default edition style31/01/2018 11:28
2316 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, Show TXM installation details when calling the About command09/01/2018 15:07
2313 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, add a new constructor to ApplyXsl2: ApplyXsl2(Source xsl)22/12/2017 14:16
2312 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, gard all file reading code with rights validation test21/12/2017 11:13
2305 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, annotation mode switch scenario16/05/2018 14:11
2304 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, Unit properties view, Schema properties view and Relation properties view15/12/2017 15:26
2302 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, call LexicalTable commands on Index result15/12/2017 15:05
2300 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, add more information on x-axis of the Progression15/12/2017 15:02
2298 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, property values proposal and completion15/12/2017 14:59
2296 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, expand selection when user select words V214/12/2017 09:49
2295 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, expand selection when user select words V114/12/2017 09:49
2292 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, transfert mesures v2 parameters to mesures v1 parameters12/12/2017 11:27
2291 FeatureNewNormalRCP: X.X, implement mesures v2 macros14/12/2017 09:40

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