Bug #259

RCP: 0.7.2, Concordances, dialog boxes created by contextual menu can't be canceled or lead to incoherent view states

Ajouté par Sebastien Jacquot il y a presque 5 ans.

Statut:New Début:10/07/2013
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Catégorie:UI / Interaction Temps passé: -
Version cible:TXM X.X


It appears there are some strange behaviors with the contextual menu of Concordances view/editor.
- 'Cancel' button of 'Properties to display' and 'Properties to sort' dialog boxes doesn't cancel action but still executes it.
- 'Cancel' button of 'Reference to display', after having moved some properties between columns, doesn't execute the action but if the dialog box is open again, the previously selected properties are still moved therefore the state of view is incoherent
- the way how the contextual menu is linked with the column under the mouse cursor, is not very clear, we should may put a title in the contextual menu so that the user could see more precisely what he changes
- a right click on columns headers seems to always open the contextual menu linked to the left context (even in right clicking on right context header)

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