From 08/03/2014 to 09/01/2014


10:52 am Task #984 (Feedback): RCP: X.X, rename "onthefly" directory with "clipboard"
Rename the "onthefly" directory and references in
* "import clipboard" command
* TXM post installation directories...
Matthieu Decorde


02:55 pm Feature #980 (Feedback): RCP: X.X, XMLStatistics usePaths option false by default
For a general default statistical overview of several XML files, usePaths option should be false by default.
Serge Heiden


01:17 pm Feature #978 (Closed): TBX: 0.7.6, lazy loading for subcorpora and partitions
Currently TXM opens every subcorpus and partition at startup.
This behavior:
* takes some time to complete (may t...
Serge Heiden


02:29 pm Bug #977 (New): TXM: 0.7.6, abort when building a sub-corpus partition based on a structure of hi...
Currently TXM builds empty sub-corpus partitions based on a structure of higher level than the one used to build the ... Serge Heiden


07:47 pm Feature #976 (New): TXM: 0.7.6, use locale settings for numbers formating (display AND export)
Currently, TXM uses different writing conventions to display and export floating point numbers:
* use current locale...
Serge Heiden


05:13 pm Bug #975 (Feedback): TXM: 0.7.6, corpus import must not accept invalid corpus names
Currently, CQP search engine cannot manage corpora with a name beginning with a digit: 0..9.
More generally, corpu...
Serge Heiden
03:32 pm Bug #974 (New): TBX: 0.7.6, corpus load abort causes corrupted corpus
If a corpus load is aborted, the corpus already existing or not, the corpus keeps present in the corpus view but "is ... Serge Heiden
11:52 am Bug #973 (New): GWT: 0.6, synoptic edition menu
In a synoptic edition, when the user wants to choose a new configuration to display (types of pages and their order),... Serge Heiden
11:23 am Bug #972 (New): DOC: HTML online manual remove bad space in section "12.2.1 Recherche d'un mot"
12.2.1 Recherche d'un mot... Serge Heiden
11:11 am Bug #971 (Closed): GWT: 0.6, HTML page loader message to clean
The method loading an HTML page starts by displaying a message like "Loading page XXX...".
That method must clear ...
Serge Heiden


05:11 pm Bug #970 (New): TBX: 0.7.6, import modules teiHeader error message
Help the user to diagnoze the problem with a more explicit error message:
"Error: no teiHeader found in: t0015"
Serge Heiden
01:12 pm Feature #968: TXM: X.X, (GWT + RCP) Text edition with source text not in corpus
This is related to #164 (out-of-tex&in-edition).
See also
* "Spécifications de la production des éditions":https...
Alexey Lavrentev
12:49 pm Feature #969 (New): TXM: X.X, (GWT + RCP) textual planes
Texts are possibly composed of several textual planes:
* the basic text, or primary text or main body of text
* sec...
Serge Heiden
12:37 pm Feature #968 (New): TXM: X.X, (GWT + RCP) Text edition with source text not in corpus
Be able to render text editions with source text not found in the corpus.
For example:
* footnotes content
* or ...
Serge Heiden


10:24 am Bug #967 (Feedback): TBX: 0.7.6, update impossible
In TXM 0.7.5 updated to 0.7.6, it is impossible to update the 06-08-2014:
The error message is:...
Serge Heiden
10:19 am Bug #966 (Feedback): TBX: 0.7.6, import module abort causes corrupted original corpus
When an import module starts, it asks confirmation to replace original corpus.
Currently, the code delete the orig...
Serge Heiden
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