From 04/09/2018 to 05/08/2018


12:51 pm Revision 736: fix R & CQP pref initialization
fix Workspace create&Update Matthieu Decorde


05:33 pm Revision 735: add post txm home install step extension point
implement stesp in groovy, R and core plugins
update to get only the sample corpora and manual
Matthieu Decorde
01:52 pm Revision 734
Sebastien Jacquot
01:52 pm Revision 733
Sebastien Jacquot
01:51 pm Revision 732
Sebastien Jacquot
12:02 pm Revision 731
Sebastien Jacquot
11:58 am Revision 730: update linux build script
Matthieu Decorde
11:02 am Bug #2378 (New): TreeTaggerInstaller: wrong execution rights
Bug sous MacOS X. L'exécutable tree-tagger n'a pas les droits d'exécution (Permission denied).
Bug sous Windows (à...
Matthieu Quignard


03:00 pm Bug #2374 (New): RCP 0.7.9: rename XTZ-CSV import module to XML-TEI Zero+CSV
Currently the XTZ+CSV import module name doesn't help the user to associate this module to the TEI format. So users c... Serge Heiden
02:42 pm Revision 729: setups: set ignore rules
Matthieu Decorde
02:23 pm Revision 728
Matthieu Decorde
02:21 pm Revision 727: Share project "org.txm.setups" into ""
Matthieu Decorde
10:26 am Revision 726
Sebastien Jacquot


04:20 pm Revision 725
Sebastien Jacquot
01:58 pm Bug #2373 (New): RCP: 0.7.9, XTZ + CSV import module: error in page indexing if source file name ...
If the corpus source directory contains files differentiated by underscore-separated suffixes, the index of pages in ... Alexey Lavrentev


11:16 am Revision 724: set Java version to 1.7
replace the classloader discovery of GSERunner Matthieu Decorde


05:36 pm Task #2372 (New): EXT, Analec: XML-TEI-URS format correction
Currently, as of TXM and Analec extension, the URS annotation files produced by... Alexey Lavrentev
05:01 pm Revision 723
Sebastien Jacquot
03:01 pm Revision 722: fix cancel button of the PropertiesSelector widget
Matthieu Decorde
02:19 pm Revision 721: move navigation widgets to the bottom toolbar
Matthieu Decorde
10:15 am Revision 720: Index: fix saveParameters: pQuery was missing
Matthieu Decorde
10:14 am Revision 719: fix Query initializer if String is null
Matthieu Decorde
10:06 am Revision 718: Concordances pQuery parameter was not saved in saveParameters
implement Cooccurrences saveParameters
!! remove if (!update) in TXMResult.refresh -> it seems not useful
Matthieu Decorde


03:46 pm Task #2371 (New): RCP: 0.7.9, update instructions on naming TreeTagger language models in TXM manual
Current TXM Manual, section 2.2.1 ( says:... Alexey Lavrentev
03:40 pm Task #2370 (New): RCP: 0.7.9, LangDetector crashes in XML-TEI BFMImport module (and maybe others)
When the "guess" option for language detection is selected in XML-TEI BFM import module, import process fails with th... Alexey Lavrentev


01:32 pm Revision 717: add a tester to the TIGERSearch command
Matthieu Decorde
11:56 am Feature #2358: RCP X.X: XTZ-CSV import module, set "teiHeader" as default value for out-of-text p...
*1)* ??I think the problem comes from the current "out-of-text" behavior: it should not delete the elements in XML-TE... Serge Heiden
11:16 am Task #2369 (New): DOC: 0.7.9, update Export commands documentation in TXM manual
We need to update the TXM manual with the new export commands and their UI.
Dans le Manuel 0.7.9 (http://tx...
Serge Heiden
11:03 am Revision 716: fix ProgressionEditor parameter form layout
Matthieu Decorde


06:28 pm Feature #624: TBX: x.x, TIGERSearch import module
import restored Matthieu Decorde
06:26 pm Revision 715: restore the TIGERSearch import module
Matthieu Decorde
06:11 pm Revision 714: simplify cwb encode, makeall and align call by removing the cwbLoc parameter
Matthieu Decorde
05:32 pm Feature #2358: RCP X.X: XTZ-CSV import module, set "teiHeader" as default value for out-of-text p...
I think the problem comes from the current "out-of-text" behavior: it should not delete the elements in XML-TEI-TXM b... Alexey Lavrentev
05:11 pm Feature #2358: RCP X.X: XTZ-CSV import module, set "teiHeader" as default value for out-of-text p...
OK so your comment is not related to an import but to an export issue.
But the "Out of text to edit" parameter is ...
Serge Heiden
04:48 pm Feature #2358: RCP X.X: XTZ-CSV import module, set "teiHeader" as default value for out-of-text p...
The problem here is not to manage metadata from teiHeader with TXM but to lose it for future use with other applicati... Alexey Lavrentev
03:57 pm Feature #2358: RCP X.X: XTZ-CSV import module, set "teiHeader" as default value for out-of-text p...
* text metadata are already managed directly by TXM (typically some teiHeader contents are transfered at ...
Serge Heiden
02:43 pm Bug #2356: TIGERSearch: fix TS command and remove TSindex command
fix libraries inclusion Matthieu Decorde
02:42 pm Revision 713: fix TIGERSearch extension libraries inclusion
Matthieu Decorde


07:03 pm Feature #2358: RCP X.X: XTZ-CSV import module, set "teiHeader" as default value for out-of-text p...
It may be better to set teiHeader as "Out of text to edit", as currently "Out of text" elements are completely delete... Alexey Lavrentev


04:47 pm Revision 712: Demo portal configuration update
Alexey Lavrentev
03:05 pm Revision 711: fix toolbar icons order
Matthieu Decorde
03:02 pm Revision 710: fix R Windows ressource path
Matthieu Decorde


06:00 pm Revision 709
Sebastien Jacquot
03:18 pm Revision 708: update groovy plugin dependencies
Matthieu Decorde
03:08 pm Revision 707
Sebastien Jacquot
03:08 pm Revision 706
Sebastien Jacquot
03:03 pm Revision 705
Sebastien Jacquot
03:01 pm Revision 704
Sebastien Jacquot
02:59 pm Revision 703
Sebastien Jacquot
02:25 pm Revision 702
Sebastien Jacquot
02:24 pm Revision 701: Share project "org.txm.information.rcp" into "
Sebastien Jacquot
02:24 pm Revision 700
Sebastien Jacquot
02:24 pm Revision 699: Share project "org.txm.information.core" into "
Sebastien Jacquot
12:54 pm Revision 698: fix corpora view menu entries order
add TT2XMLInDirectory macro Matthieu Decorde


02:49 pm Revision 697
Sebastien Jacquot
02:47 pm Revision 696
Sebastien Jacquot
02:40 pm Revision 695
Sebastien Jacquot
10:18 am Feature #2365 (New): TXM: X.X, word level tags management in XML-TEI imports and TXM commands
From Ciarán Ó Duibhín textometrie list mail... Matthieu Decorde


05:54 pm Bug #2364 (New): TBX: 0.7.9, build word IDs if not present in w tags for back-to-text when not to...
Currently when the 'Tokenization' import option is unchecked, no word IDs management is done. The result is that the ... Serge Heiden


05:32 pm Feature #2363 (New): TBX: 0.7.9, move some TreeTagger default options to public preferences
Currently, the "-no-unknown" TreeTagger option is used by default in TXM. This option is not accessible to the user, ... Serge Heiden
03:38 pm Revision 694
Sebastien Jacquot
03:36 pm Revision 693
Sebastien Jacquot
02:17 pm Revision 692
Sebastien Jacquot
02:13 pm Revision 691
Sebastien Jacquot
02:12 pm Bug #2362 (New): TXM: 0.7.9, on Windows, commands based on R don't work with accented characters ...
R seems to be working (the start-up message is normal), but commands using R don't work.
Logs show that the setwd ...
Matthieu Decorde
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