From 11/10/2021 to 12/09/2021


02:53 pm Plateforme TXM Task #3195 (New): Import, TIGERSearch module V2
improve the TIGERSearch import. See: :
* manag...
Matthieu Decorde
09:25 am Plateforme TXM Feature #3194 (New): BackToEdition from syntatic tree V1
FR - slh 2021-03-31
Clone du scénario BackToEdition depuis la concordance :
- depuis un arbre (requête TIGER/...
Matthieu Decorde
09:23 am Plateforme TXM Feature #3193 (New): BackToEdition from syntatic tree V2
FR - slh 2021-03-31
Clone du scénario BackToMEdition depuis la concordance :
- depuis un arbre (requête TIGER...
Matthieu Decorde
09:22 am Plateforme TXM Feature #3192 (New): BackToTree, from edition
FR - slh 2021-03-31
Clone du scénario BackToMedia depuis l'edition :
- depuis une edition (requête TIGER/UD) -->
Matthieu Decorde
08:48 am Plateforme TXM Feature #3191 (New): Annotation, CoNLL-u, apply generic engine with REST queries
It is quite common that annotation engines expose themself with a REST API and return conllu result (TXT based)
Matthieu Decorde
08:33 am Plateforme TXM Feature #3190: Import, CoNLL-U corpus
head and deps projection not done yet Matthieu Decorde
08:28 am Plateforme TXM Feature #3190 (New): Import, CoNLL-U corpus
Add a new import module : conllu
The import creates a CQP corpus with the ud words and properties
+ create CQP...
Matthieu Decorde


01:52 pm Plateforme TXM Task #3189 (New): Clipboard import, parameter dialog
Currently the lang parameter is set from the "clipboard lang" parameter.
Instead, we should always ask for the "la...
Matthieu Decorde
01:46 pm Plateforme TXM Feature #3188 (New): Subcorpus, XPath based selection mode
Add a new subcorpus construction mode with XPath computed on a XML representation of the CQP corpus
* the XML repres...
Matthieu Decorde
01:15 pm Plateforme TXM Task #3187 (New): Prefix corpus and TXM preference of UD properties
The ud_prefix preference is used when :
* importing a corpus with the UD import command
* importing annotations wit...
Matthieu Decorde
01:07 pm Plateforme TXM Feature #3186 (New): UD Syntax tree representation 1.0
add the "UD" syntax representation using the deptreeviz Java library to the Syntatic Tree command
Matthieu Decorde
01:06 pm Plateforme TXM Task #3185 (New): Syntatic Annotations Extension 1.0
* Rename the "TIGERSearch" extension to "Syntatic Annotations"
* Rename the "TIGERSearch" command to "Syntatic Tree"...
Matthieu Decorde
12:58 pm Plateforme TXM Task #3184 (New): Edition, Search, start searching from the selected word
If a word is selected, focus&highlight the first match after the selected word (if any)
Matthieu Decorde
12:49 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2632: RCP: 0.8.0, TIGERSearch graph navigation fails when reaching the last graph
fixed but the navigation widget will be replaced with the common navigation widget of concordances and co Matthieu Decorde


05:35 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 3299: error
Matthieu Decorde
05:16 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2722: RCP: 0.8.0, TIGERSVOSummary Macro fails (unable to resolve class
seems ok in TXM 0.8.2 + last extension Matthieu Decorde


06:29 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 3298: renaming TIGERSeach extensio nto Syntactic Tree
updating batik libs
add ud trees plugin
Matthieu Decorde


11:44 am Plateforme TXM Revision 3297: fix import for AFNOTICES
Matthieu Decorde
10:26 am Plateforme TXM Revision 3296
Matthieu Decorde
10:22 am Plateforme TXM Revision 3295: updat svn path and fix some messages
Matthieu Decorde


01:14 pm Plateforme TXM Task #3183 (New): Improve user feedback of skipped file while importing
Improve user feedback for skipped files while importing.
Some users don't see some malformed/non-valid XML files are...
Sebastien Jacquot
01:09 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #3182 (New): Annotations, error (to identify, seems related with some self-closing tags)
Annotations, error (to identify, seems related with some self-closing tags).
Impossible to annotate the file in atta...
Sebastien Jacquot
10:38 am Plateforme TXM Task #3181 (New): DOC, CQL & TXT search engine queries
h3. CQL
Si la requête ne contient ni par @"@ ou @[@ ou @]@, alors elle sera tokenisée par les blancs " ".
Matthieu Decorde


04:49 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 3294: add texts command projects
Matthieu Decorde
04:49 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 3293: Share project "org.txm.texts.rcp" into ""
Share project "org.txm.texts.core" into "" Matthieu Decorde
04:48 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 3292
Matthieu Decorde
11:29 am Plateforme TXM Revision 3291: add transcription trim utility
Matthieu Decorde


02:54 pm Plateforme TXM Feature #3180 (New): GWT, API, new subcorpus mangement commands
add the following commands :
* create_subcorpus with a 'path' and a 'query' parameters
* delete_subcorpus with a su...
Matthieu Decorde
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