AniFilters : Anisotropic Diffusion Blur

PDE-based algorithm to reduce noise in grey-scale image, while keeping and reinforcing linear or planar structures in 2D or 3D images respectively.

The "AniFilters" tools

- ani2D --> anisotropic filter reinforcing linear structures in 2D
- ani3D --> anisotropic filter reinforcing planar structures in 3D (.inr, .inr.gz files)
- ani3D-tiff --> same as ani3D for tiff files


Move into a directory where you want to install the filters, having the path say "path_to_softs", then download

cd path_to_softs
svn checkout http://forge.cbp.ens-lyon.fr/svn/anifilters


Before compiling, please make sure you have the following packages installed :
- libx11-xcb-dev
- libtiff5-dev


cd anifilters

The binaries will be in the anifilters/bin folder. Add this folder to your PATH by adding in your .bashrc file

export PATH=$PATH:path_to_softs/anifilters/bin

For more detailed information on the method and usage please see the Wiki.


You may want to test the filter

cd data
ani3D t3_cut.inr.gz 0.2 3 1 10 50

The result is written in your current directory.