Task #2371

Updated by Serge Heiden about 2 years ago

Current TXM Manual, section 2.2.1 (http://txm.sourceforge.net/doc/manual/0.7.9/fr/manual8.xhtml#toc46) says:

<pre>5. Renommer chaque fichier de modèle en utilisant les codes de langues ISO 639-1 à deux lettres.</pre>

Actually, users can use other file names and manually type them in the import form.

It may be more useful to use the available language models in current installation in the dropdown list than all ISO 639-1 language codes.

[SLH,MD] the "dropdown list" content is also used to define the corpus LOCALE (language), used to sort alphabetically objets produced from the corpus (index, concordance...). So there must also be a correspondance list to define and maintain between file names and LOCALE names.