Bug #2284

Updated by Serge Heiden about 2 years ago

The stylesheets produce double results files for each source file:
* one induced by standard output management
* one induced by the xsl:output declaration management

To reproduce the bug, use the plato corpus:

<code>webdavs://sharedocs.huma-num.fr/dav.php/@Shares/(948) Cactus/(3777) Projets/Textométrie/Corpus/src/perseus/plato/170720/plato170720c</code>

The number of files doubles after 1-split-merge step.

The 1-split-merge step cannot be used in the current state of TXM.

h3. Solution

Solution: do not use standard output of XSL transformation, as stated in the specification.

h3. Temporary workaround

workaround: use ExecXSL macro to split/merge/rename files before starting import.