Feature #2092

Updated by Serge Heiden over 3 years ago

Currently the .txm directory, which stores the TXM *user preferences storing critical settings for TXM operation* like where directory is TXM user home, where are the search engine binaries and the statistical engine, the corpora registries, the TreeTagger binaries and linguistic models, etc., is managed by a user preference independent of the TXM user home directory preference (aka $HOME/TXM). preference.

In some operating systems like Windows, the .txm directory is set in the user "%%AppData%%" environment directory which management can be transient in some settings. Typically settings like typically for roaming type user accounts in teaching room computers. In some such settings the AppData directory can be regularly CLEANED, for example when leaving the Windows user session (which means that the user TXM user preferences settings are removed and lost), removed/lost), or its contents removed partially unpredictably.

The result is that some TXM installations in Windows teaching room computers can't be reliable or are impossible to use reliably. TXM can work at one moment (for example until the first or second TXM run) and stop working unpredictably. use.

h3. Solution

Move the .txm directory into the TXM user directory.

* it simplifies TXM settings
* it makes a move toward "archive drop in installation" of TXM