Feature #1931

Updated by Serge Heiden over 3 years ago

During TXM post-installation, System.getProperty("user.home") may point to a wrong directory (can't read, write, does not exist)

h3. Solution

* I) instead of using System.getProperty("user.home") use a native operating system API to ask for special directories. That is use the "AppDirs":https://github.com/harawata/appdirs Java library that does exactly that for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux through JNA.
* II) add a test at the beginning of the post-installation, if it is not possible to create the TXM user directory then ask the user a directory with write access where the TXM user directory will be created.

title: TXM user directory installation
content: TXM can't create the TXM user directory in "C:/Users/stud". Please select another directory.
[ ] [...] -> open DirectoryDialog
[Cancel] -> abort post-installation and quit TXM?
[OK] -> Continue the installation, ask again if the new directory is not ok