Bug #1830

Updated by Serge Heiden over 4 years ago

After several TIGERSearch queries, it is impossible to browse results and some TXM commands are unavailable.

h3. Hypothesis

TXM portal memory may be saturated after several TIGERSearch queries.

To diagnose we need:
* TXM log files described in the "1.14.Consulter les logs du portail" section of the portal admin's manual (p. 13)
** from TXMWEB home logs directry
*** TXMWEBxxx *checked* *ok*
*** TXMxxx files *checked* *ok*
** from /var/log/tomcat6
*** catalina_xxx.out files
*** localhost_xxx.txt files
* the corpus in binary format (the content of the subdirectory of 'corpora') *checked* with TIGERSearch extension in TXM desktop *ok*

Diagnostics should be compared between TIGERSearch access in TXM portal and in TXM desktop:
* search for the same queries in the two implementations
* compare the results -> the desktop version may behave differently and have less trouble with memory consumption