Feature #1661

Updated by Serge Heiden about 4 years ago

see specifications at https://groupes.renater.fr/wiki/txm-info/public/specs_concordance#edition_de_la_concordance

Be able to edit a concordance by deleting concordance lines

h3. Solution

Use the "delete" CQL operator.
MATCH_INDEX {0, number of matches in the sub-corpus}


# select the lines to delete
# call the DeleteLines command with:
#* key bindings: "DEL" or "BACKSPACE" keyboard key
#* contextual menu: "Delete"/"Supprimer" menu entry
#* menu: not available

h3. Validation test

* Build a concordance of "j.+" with the VOEUX corpus
* select the 3rd line ("jeunes") and the 5th line ("jour")
* press the "Suppr" key or select "Delete line" in the contextual menu
* The 2 lines are removed.
* close the concordance result and re-open it. The lines are still missing. removed