Bug #1778

Updated by Serge Heiden over 3 years ago

Diagnostic based on TXM 0.7.7 installed on Windows 7 64-bit machines in ENS de Lyon F24 class room with Student roaming profile (the user home directory is on a shared drive, there are some access restrictions).

Several Under Windows 7, with TXM home directory on shared drive and Student login profile, several behaviors can be observed (depending on the machine):
* for TXM first run by the Student profile, TXM can't write corpora files during the postinstall process (wrong access).
* corpora files have been installed but no corpus is loaded at startup (the Corpus view is empty), then 5 minutes later, all corpora appear in the corpus view and can be used by libcqp
* or, corpora files have been installed and all corpora appear in the Corpus view at startup, but no one can be used by libcqp

h3. Solution 1

**Set TXM home locally**

The first time you use TXM on a machine,

* launch in TXM :
** set the “TXM > Avancé > Dossier utilisateur TXM” setting to “C:\Users\username\TXM”
** set the “TXM > Avancé > Moteur de Corpus > Chemin vers le répertoire de Registre” setting seting to “C:\Users\username\TXM\registry” (if present in your TXM)
* quit TXM
* remove any local TXM home directory (C:/Users/username/TXM)
* launch TXM

TXM postinstall process should copy home directory and default corpora locally.

h3. Solution 2

Use an account with a Profile having local home directory.

h3. Solution 3

* for high log level (at least ALL), display logs for each file access of libcqp primitives (directory open, read, write, close; file open, read, write, close, etc.)
* if the user profile prevents some file access (for example for writing), display a clear error message before aborting corpus load or import
* update file access primitives of libcqp to better handle network protocols