Feature #1535

Updated by Serge Heiden about 4 years ago

see: https://groupes.renater.fr/wiki/txm-info/public/import_odt

* Very useful import for beginners
* Import the most common document file format: ODT, DOC and RTF
* Allow user to use a metadata.csv file
* Import name : ODT/DOC/RTF + CSV
* entry menu : after the TXT + CSV import

h3. Solution 1

* Plug the actual ODT/DOC/RTF prototype import into TXM even if there is still some minor bugs

add the metadata.csv support
* add a new section to the import modules section in the manual, describing what is transfered from the ODT document to the TXM corpus+edition
* test the VOEUX in .odt sample corpus from the TXM import workshop support archive