Bug #1470

Updated by Serge Heiden over 4 years ago

A corpus using the name 'cat' for a word property (positionnal attribute) breaks CQP: it is impossible to query that property in any CQL expression.

The problem has only been reported for the 'cat' operator name, but all CQL operator names are probably affected: asc, ascending, by, *cat*, cd, collocate, contains, cut, def, define, delete, desc, descending, diff, difference, discard, dump, exclusive, exit, expand, farthest, foreach, group, host, inclusive, info, inter, intersect, intersection, join, keyword, left, leftmost, macro, maximal, match, matchend, matches, meet, MU, nearest, no, not, NULL, off, on, randomize, reduce, RE, reverse, right, rightmost, save, set, show, size, sleep, sort, source, subset, TAB, tabulate, target, target[0-9], to, undump, union, unlock, user, where, with, within, without, yes

h3. .h3 Solution 1

* a) in all import processes produce an error message and abort for any word property that is the same name as a CQL operator.
* b) document the fact that no CQL operator name should be used as a word property name in sources.

h3. .h3 Solution 2

Develop in CQP the possibility to use CQL operator names for word property names (positionnal attribute name).