Feature #998

Updated by Serge Heiden almost 6 years ago

Every TXM command must provide access to its parameters through an upper retractable parameters area in its results window.

This area must be retractable, fully or partialy, to ease results reading.

At command startup, this area can be partialy opened to permit settings of some mandatory parameters.

A 'Process' or 'Search' button launches the command action and can retract the parameters


* Create a Commands grid of commands x Parameters synthesis grid (see for example: parameters (use this one ? http://framacalc.org/2m9cu0dvzq)
* Create a form(s?) that adapts itself to commands where widgets of parameters with similar name and semantics are at the same place in the form between commands
* Suppress initial parameters dialog box for some commands (Specificity, Progression, AFC...)
** Those commands:
*** must give focus in the parameters area to the parameters parameter of the old dialog boxes box
*** must provide a button to call the command (Process)
* Create a retractable widget
* When the results are displayed, the parameters area retracts (completely or partially per command)
* See also default parameters behavior (per TXM setup, per TXM, per corpus, per session)
* See hypertextual call
* See COM/Corba API

* See also parameter export or backup (~parameter per session)