Feature #998

Updated by Serge Heiden almost 6 years ago

Every TXM command must provide access to its parameters through an upper retractable parameters area.


* Create a grid of commands x parameters (use this one ? http://framacalc.org/2m9cu0dvzq)
* Create a form(s?) that adapts itself to commands where widgets of parameters with similar name and semantics are at the same place in the form between commands
* Suppress initial parameters dialog box for some commands (Specificity, Progression, AFC...) Progession...)
** Those commands:
*** must give focus in the parameters area to the parameter of the old dialog box
*** must provide a button to call the command (Process)
* Create a retractable widget
* When the results are displayed, the parameters area retracts (completely or partially per command)
See also default parameters behavior (per TXM setup, per TXM, per corpus, per session)
* See hypertextual call
* See also parameter export or backup (~parameter
per session)