Matthieu Decorde

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Reported issues: 1083


05:00 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2735: comment StatusLine calls
set TXMResult.userName to protected
02:29 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2734: move end of computing message just after _compute and before the children computing
02:21 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2733: censor all StatusLine messages
02:05 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2732: add ImportAlignedEdition macro
10:43 am Plateforme TXM Revision 2731: remove the pages arrayList of the Edition result
start fixing link editors management
add Index->Concordance subcorpus preference
10:41 am Plateforme TXM Revision 2730: add new macro


04:05 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2729: fix cooccurrence sort
add TXMEditor._setFocus() method which can be override
simplify TXMResult children compute step
02:53 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2721: Failed to reopen an editor in some cases / Wrong context menu in corpora view
note for next time: avoid 2 bugs in the same ticket
02:09 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2728: add do_not_update_corpus_indexes_and_editions option
01:10 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2779 (New): Structured Subcorpus query optimisation
In TXM 0.8.0, structured subcorpus *creation* was based on "[] expand to structure" queries which is quite slow compa...

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