Matthieu Decorde

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11:12 am Plateforme TXM Bug #2843 (New): Mac OS X, update, "Invalid cookie header" messages displayed
when fetching available extensions the console shows some warning messages :...


05:37 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2887: fix Toolbox restart
04:37 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2886: update TXM 0.8.1 subversion to beta2
04:27 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2885: fix some help links
04:25 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2842 (New): Annotations, save button fails if no annotation bar is open
steps to reproduce :
- make a concordance <text>[] with VOEUX
- annotate the first word with test=shoudsave
- clos...
03:52 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2841 (New): Web Browser, 404 error detection
The web browser or TXM is currently not detecting the 404 errors. It is necessary to redirect users to the default TX...
02:17 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2807: French Localized links don't work
all is currently working in TXM 0.8.1
02:04 pm Plateforme TXM Feature #2795: Update, add tests to verify if the current TXM user can install an update
worked during the BETA tests
02:02 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2884: update XML/w + XTZ import module source files selection
02:01 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2883: add missing start&end export messages

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