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05:21 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2930 (New): TRS Import, add missing trans-14.dtd file in sources directory
If the trans-14.dtd file is missing, the import aborts.
h3. Solution
Copy the trans-14.dtd file from TXM schema...
02:10 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2953: add normalize word ids options
01:33 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2952: updating CoNNLU import&export tools
01:13 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2929 (New): CoNNLu export, more internal structure comments
Currently only the "#newpar" is exported.
h3. Solution
Export internal structures as well


05:47 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2951: add sprintf ReferencePattern option
update Antract scripts
update TXMResult Preferences view


10:00 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2950
10:00 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2949


03:23 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2927 (New): AFVOIXOFF, remove some metadata from emission editions
03:20 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2926 (New): AFVOIXOFF, date metadata
Use the Date conversion groovy code of LireNoticeSujet macro to build the supplementary Date metadata values (jour, j...
03:11 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2948: introduce virtual properties : position, length
simplify CQP and virutla property values access see WordProperty.xyz2abc methods

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