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03:11 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2928 (New): TXM 0.8.1, French items persist in the contextual menu after switching the inter...
To reproduce the bug:
* Switch the interface language to English
* Right-click on a corpus, some entries are in Fre...


02:55 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2910 (New): "Update logs" command not working in TXM portal admin interface
If you click on the "Update logs" button in the "Tableau de bord" interface, a turning wheel is displayed for a momen...


06:11 pm Plateforme TXM Task #2896 (New): GWT: x.x., Display corpus path before corpus name in the Corpus panel of the po...
The current display (as of TXM Portal 0.6.3) is :...


11:14 am Plateforme TXM Task #2884 (New): Rename the built-in profile "Newbe" into "Newbie"
This will help respect English spelling and avoid misunderstanding of the administrators.


10:33 am Plateforme TXM Bug #2882 (New): RCP: 0.8.1, XTZ Import, teiHeader tokenized but not correctly indexed if it is n...
See also #2358.
The words from teiHeader are tokenized and processed in TEI-TXM XML files, they are counted in the...


11:29 am Plateforme TXM Bug #2821: Import, broken generated word id
Test works fine as formulated in


04:56 pm Plateforme TXM Revision 2826: update demo portal configuration files and gsp/html pages


10:09 am Plateforme TXM Bug #2793 (New): 0.8.0, XTZ Import, XLSX and ODS metadata files not supported when XSL directory ...
This is due to the fact that TXM tries to run XSLT transformations on XSLX and ODS files. The module works properly w...


01:48 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2783 (New): Export binary corpus, 0.8.1, No output filename suggested
In TXM 0.7.9, when exporting a binary corpus the CORPUSNAME.txm filename was suggested for output and the interface p...
01:32 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #2782 (New): Back-to-media, 0.8.1, Sample TRS corpus, link to media broken
This bug is already present in TXM 0.8.0. The link "Jouer le m├ędia" (sic! in English interface) from concordance caus...

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