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01:24 pm Plateforme TXM Feature #3250 (New): URS: upgrade TEI encoding of URS annotations export
Use the new "TEI 4.0.0": "<standOff>":


02:17 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #3243 (New): XML import modules, force non ASCII chars in element names or attributes names b...
Currently, if an XML element is named with an accent, CQP breaks on the structure attribute value access when using t...


05:48 pm Plateforme TXM Task #3242: Import, XTZ, manage nested w elements
TXM XML importers don't define nested <w> (the XML TEI-TXM format neither) -> nested <w> must be rejected or ignored


10:46 am Plateforme TXM Task #3231 (New): better integrate TXM installation on Windows, Mac and Linux
Better integrate the distribution and installation of TXM in the Windows, Mac and Linux eco-systems to facilitate its...


10:32 am Plateforme TXM Task #3228 (New): Commands, Editor, add [line] Copy command to contextual menu
Currently, the commands editor with result tables provide a Ctrl-C keyboard shortcut producing lines prefixed by "Lig...


03:53 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #3227 (New): Import, don't remove a corpus if no import is run
Currently, when an existing corpus name is used in the first import dialog box of an import module (asking for a sour...
01:44 pm Plateforme TXM Task #3226 (New): Import, XTZ, rename milestone properties <milestone element name>id to <milesto...
Currently, the three word properties generated by the 'Milestone' import parameter are named:
* <milestone element n...


11:13 am Plateforme TXM Feature #3225 (New): File I/O, sort sets of files by name alphabetically before processing sets o...
Currently set of files are processed in an unpredictable order.
This prevents the user to interpret some useful ou...


10:06 am Plateforme TXM Feature #3222 (New): default Edition, format word properties tooltip as bulleted list
Currently the word properties tooltip is formated as a comma separated list, which is less readable than a bulleted l...


06:47 pm Plateforme TXM Bug #3207 (New): Ubuntu 20.04&Mac OS X, unstable Concordance result
h3. To reproduce 1
import the TRS source file:...

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