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  org 2753 about 1 year Matthieu Decorde fix chart result file prefixes fix SVG file cre...

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2753 03/06/2020 11:34 am Matthieu Decorde

fix chart result file prefixes
fix SVG file creation during editor update or opening
fix SVG,raster chart size using asyncExec when necessary
fix chart zoom&pan&reset javadoc&exceptions
fix chart pan of the SVGCanvas

2744 03/05/2020 09:17 am Sebastien Jacquot

Fixes regressions of last commit related with files-based charts engines and UI charts components

2742 03/02/2020 03:18 pm Sebastien Jacquot

Formats source code

2737 03/02/2020 03:14 pm Sebastien Jacquot

Adds/removes comments

2720 02/25/2020 01:10 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix RasterComposite
fix JFC SVG and co display format
move ChartsEngine managing code to ChartsEngineManager
parametrized ChartCreators with a ChartsEngine and a ChartResult
fix vmax and fmax spinner max value using the corpus size

2694 02/18/2020 03:56 pm Sebastien Jacquot

Progresses on: Dissociation between computing and rendering doesn't work anymore (refs #2767)

2691 02/18/2020 02:37 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix TXMResult dirty state management in compute()

2690 02/18/2020 12:32 pm Sebastien Jacquot

Fixes: CA, in some cases, the CA.compute() is called twice (refs #2763)

2689 02/18/2020 11:45 am Matthieu Decorde

change TXMResult internal variables to private
fix ChartResult _compute dirty state

2677 02/17/2020 03:03 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix NPE in renderChart()

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