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  Portal 1608 about 3 years Alexey Lavrentev update anonymous welcome page and corpus docume...
  projets 496 over 4 years Matthieu Decorde
  tmp 2758 almost 2 years Matthieu Decorde fix ok button availability

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# Date Author Comment
2758 03/06/2020 04:24 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix ok button availability

2757 03/06/2020 04:23 pm Matthieu Decorde

remove severe message stacktrace

2756 03/06/2020 01:28 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix corpus versions to be reloaded during the post-installation step

2755 03/06/2020 01:27 pm Matthieu Decorde

move ChartEditor.onInit call in the ChartEditor.loadchart(needInit) method

2754 03/06/2020 12:52 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix .settings export entry and restore default path refs #2712

2753 03/06/2020 11:34 am Matthieu Decorde

fix chart result file prefixes
fix SVG file creation during editor update or opening
fix SVG,raster chart size using asyncExec when necessary
fix chart zoom&pan&reset javadoc&exceptions
fix chart pan of the SVGCanvas

2752 03/06/2020 09:38 am Matthieu Decorde

remove this script as TXMVERSION is now set in the build scripts

2751 03/06/2020 09:37 am Matthieu Decorde

update TXM version to 0.8.1

2750 03/06/2020 09:36 am Matthieu Decorde

set setup versions files to 0.8.1 a3
fix Windows build script

2749 03/06/2020 09:33 am Matthieu Decorde

move windows jre files to setup project (until better inclusion is implemented)

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