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MANIFEST.MF 6 kB 2589 over 1 year Matthieu Decorde XMLProcessor and Hook prototypes

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# Date Author Comment
2589 01/31/2020 01:58 pm Matthieu Decorde

XMLProcessor and Hook prototypes

2586 01/30/2020 11:28 pm Matthieu Decorde

add simple system notification windows (+ user preference, set to false)
use a simple notification windows when import duration is longer than 1 minute

2459 12/19/2019 05:05 pm Matthieu Decorde

update licence
add javafx in trunk
fix JFXPlayer re play() and buttons layout

2270 10/18/2019 11:01 am Matthieu Decorde

set Java to 1.8
add utility methods to manipulate Excel file

2226 09/10/2019 11:42 am Matthieu Decorde

add more edition navigation options

1557 12/17/2018 03:00 pm Matthieu Decorde
1554 12/17/2018 02:22 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix some info and warning messages

1453 11/29/2018 12:55 pm Matthieu Decorde

restore plot method in RWorkspace
move create&update date from Project to TXMResult
add create and update date in TXMResultDebugView
show build date in TXM startup message
fix cast exception in
fix org.txm.rcp runtime (bin was included)

1416 11/23/2018 05:23 pm Sebastien Jacquot
1208 10/17/2018 03:31 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix pde hack plugin to get the last commit version of a project (instead of project directory last commit version)

add some java9 compatibility info in Manifest fles

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