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tmp/org.txm.core/src/java/org/txm/core/results/ (revision 1633)
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	 * To keep track of the parameters used for the last computing and to determine if the result is dirty.
137 137
	 * Also permits to optimize computing by testing if a specific parameter value has changed since last computing and skip or not some computing steps. 
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	// FIXME: SJ: actually only used by the chart results. Purpose here is that the chart creators need to know if a computing parameter has changed to recreate or not some entity.
	// The problem is since the result is already computing, the parameters are already updated and the method hasParameterChanged() will always return false. Using this stack fix the problem.
	// But this stack is also the start for an UNDO command on TXMResult.
142 139
	protected ArrayList<HashMap<String, Object>> parametersHistory = new ArrayList<HashMap<String, Object>>();

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145 141
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	 * Internal persistable state.

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