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  org 1064 almost 3 years Matthieu Decorde add newlines after HTML word spans fix DTD decl...

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1064 08/31/2018 01:51 pm Matthieu Decorde

add newlines after HTML word spans
fix DTD declaration of XTZ and XML/w pagers

1063 08/31/2018 10:40 am Matthieu Decorde

upgrade TS import to manage main and main+subcorpus TIGER XML corpus sources

1002 07/13/2018 05:43 pm Matthieu Decorde

force GTK3 au lancement de TXM sur ubuntu

fix tigersearch import

fix URS unit annotation when edition page contains no word

1001 07/13/2018 03:25 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix edition -> concordance
fix ts import
fix corpus update
fix analec

1000 07/13/2018 11:37 am Matthieu Decorde

fix groovy packages

Tiger plugin install its Groovy files

967 07/05/2018 02:15 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix import modules

966 07/05/2018 10:48 am Matthieu Decorde

fix metadata preferences

fix metadata file management in groovy scripts

928 06/28/2018 03:45 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix import;

927 06/28/2018 03:29 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix corpora view reload

fix imports in Groovy scripts

911 06/22/2018 12:44 pm Matthieu Decorde

fix groovy dependances

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