TXM Annotation URS 4.0

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Toggle_check # Tracker Category Subject Status % Done
3168 BugAnnotationURS, annotation not saved when TXM is quittingNew

3167 FeatureAnnotationURS, auto-saveNew

3116 BugAnnotationURS, save button, not enabled when a property value is modifiedNew

3114 BugAnnotationURS, properties view, focus not correctly detected on WindowsNew

3111 BugAnnotationURS, Windows, stacktraces during annotation and navigationNew

3104 FeatureAnnotationURS, Unit, concordance annotation toolbar V1New

3094 BugAnnotationGlozz import, the possibleValues XML element is not managedNew

3010 FeatureImportImport, XML-TXM XML-URSNew

2898 TaskMessagesTranslate URS Annotation feature informations in EnglishNew

2637 BugUI / ErgonomyRCP: 0.8.0, URS, annotation structure swing edit dialog size to smallNew

2618 FeatureRCP: X.X, ConcordanceToUnits macro enhancementsNew

2617 BugUIRCP: X.X, change default URS annotation structureNew

2616 BugUIRCP: X.X, Highlight color preferences does not workNew

2615 FeatureUIURS, search UI enhancementsNew

2614 BugUIRCP: X.X, update some ui labelsNew

2603 FeatureAnnotationURS, add URSQL as new search engine language in concordance and index commandsNew

2601 FeatureCommandsRCP: 0.8.0, Units Index histogram not drawnNew

2599 FeatureCommandsRCP: X.X, URS tools output formatNew

2598 BugAnnotationRCP: 0.8.0, Units and Schemas highlights persist when switching annotation modeNew

2506 TaskURS: send URS annotation to CQPNew

2505 BugURS: update exploitation macros code for TXM 0.8.0New

2424 FeatureAnnotationEXT: Analec, give access to exploitation macrosNew

2423 FeatureAnnotationEXT: Analec, use collators to sort valuesNew

2422 FeatureAnnotationEXT: Analec, manage property values through values selection menuNew

2421 BugAnnotationExt: Analec, conflicts between the annotations&annotation structure and TXM annotation interfacesNew

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