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1866 FeatureUIAnalec annotation persistenceNew

1867 FeatureAnnotationAnalec menuNew

1868 FeatureAnnotationAnalec unit fields viewNew

1987 FeatureAnnotationAnalec unit fields view v2New

2087 TaskAnnotationAnalec unit fields view v3New

1864 FeatureAnnotationAnalec unit navigation keyboard shortcutsNew

1862 FeatureAnnotationAnalec unit selection policyNew

1863 FeatureAnnotationBrowse units in editionNew

1875 FeatureUIEdition Analec keep current viewport and selectionNew

1852 FeatureUIEdition Analec unit creation, two steps word span selectionNew

1854 BugUIEdition Analec unit creation/editionNew

1849 BugUIEdition Analec unit deletionClosed

1838 FeatureUIEdition editor selection to select word spans in textsNew

1839 FeatureUIEdition editor styleNew

1886 FeatureUIEdition, Show unit information in word tooltipsNew

2386 FeatureAnnotationEXT, Analec: normalize import & export commandsNew

2334 FeatureUIEXT, Analec: UI terminologyNew

2372 TaskEXT, Analec: XML-TEI-URS format correctionNew

2416 BugCommandsEXT: Analec, back to textNew

2420 BugAnnotationExt: Analec, clarify the annotation property value validationNew

2421 BugAnnotationExt: Analec, conflicts between the annotations&annotation structure and TXM annotation interfacesNew

2417 BugCommandsEXT: Analec, edition -> concordanceNew

2418 FeatureAnnotationEXT: Analec, elements property fields rendering orderNew

2424 FeatureAnnotationEXT: Analec, give access to exploitation macrosNew

2419 BugAnnotationExt: Analec, highlight display bug when Enter unit creation shortcut is usedNew

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