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3364 FeatureUIURS, Edition, contextual menu, select unit entry typo & properties view tab name fixNew

3358 TaskUIURS, custom color paletteNew

3254 TaskAnnotationURS annotation toolbars, refresh on annotation structure editionNew

3250 FeatureExportURS: upgrade TEI encoding of URS annotations exportNew

3199 TaskUI / ErgonomyURS, split the window layout when opening the properties and search viewsNew

3198 TaskDocumentationDOC: URS views layoutNew

3196 TaskAnnotationURS, properties, layout property fields using the analec Vue settingsNew

3094 BugAnnotationGlozz import, the possibleValues XML element is not managedNew

3010 FeatureImportImport, XML-TXM XML-URSNew

2898 TaskMessagesTranslate URS Annotation feature informations in EnglishNew

2637 BugUI / ErgonomyRCP: 0.8.0, URS, annotation structure swing edit dialog size to smallNew

2618 FeatureRCP: X.X, ConcordanceToUnits macro enhancementsNew

2617 BugUIRCP: X.X, change default URS annotation structureNew

2616 BugUIRCP: X.X, Highlight color preferences does not workNew

2615 FeatureUIURS, search UI enhancementsNew

2614 BugUIRCP: X.X, update some ui labelsNew

2603 FeatureAnnotationURS, add URSQL as new search engine language in concordance and index commandsNew

2601 FeatureCommandsRCP: 0.8.0, Units Index histogram not drawnNew

2600 BugCommandsRCP: 0.8.0, Schemas Progression fail with duplicated names in Progression chartNew

2599 FeatureCommandsRCP: X.X, URS tools output formatNew

2598 BugAnnotationRCP: 0.8.0, Units and Schemas highlights persist when switching annotation modeNew

2594 BugAnnotationRCP: 0.8.0, Units inter distance macro, number of distancesNew

2593 BugAnnotationRCP: 0.8.0, URS exploitation macro, maximum_schema_lenght is brokenNew

2592 BugAnnotationRCP: 0.8.0, URS unit delete does not refresh correctly the highlightsNew

2591 BugAnnotationRCP: 0.8.0, URS Search view, number of match display errorNew

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