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1922 BugTXM - Oriflamms 6.0NewNormalOriflamms extension, do not insert "img" string in surface identifiers

1910 TaskTXM - Oriflamms 6.0NewNormalOriflamms extension, Add "Open XSL folder" command

1909 TaskTXM - Oriflamms 6.0NewNormalOriflamms extension, Publication

1823 BugTXM - Oriflamms 5.0FeedbackNormalRCP: 0.7.8, Oriflamms project, "back to text" link broken for words with line breaks

1822 TaskTXM - Oriflamms 5.0NewNormalRCP: 0.7.8, Oriflamms project, XSL default edition creation fails when importing a corpus tokenized by character

1821 TaskTXM - Oriflamms 5.0NewNormalRCP: 0.7.8, Oriflamms project, front XSLT not applied during the XTZ import process

1809 BugTXM - Oriflamms 5.0NewNormalImportRCP: X.X, Oriflamms project2XTZ multiple rejet bug

1794 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 5.0NewNormalTBX: Oriflamms extension, New command "Update Image path"

1773 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 5.0NewNormalPluginsRCP: X.X, Oriflamms extension

1724 BugTXM - Oriflamms 3.1NewNormalRCP:0.7.8alpha, TEI2Project, wrong corresp attribut format

1723 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 4.0In ProgressNormalSWBRCP: Macro Project2XTZ: expert ontology projection

1722 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 4.0In ProgressNormalSWBRCP: Macro Project2XTZ: image coordinates injection

1676 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 3.0FeedbackNormalRCP: XTZ import, oriflamms customization, formatting editions of character corpora

1652 BugTXM - Oriflamms 2.0NewNormalImportRCP: 0.7.8alpha: back to text broken for corpus with word element not "w"

1650 BugTXM - Oriflamms 2.0FeedbackNormalMacrosTBX: Project2TEI, set automatically the images directory and word element

1649 BugTXM - Oriflamms 2.0NewNormalMacrosTBX: 0.7.8, TEI2Project, stacktrace on empty image directory copy

1643 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 3.0NewNormalMacrosRCP: X.X, StringArray, StringArrayMultiple macro parameters

1613 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 4.0NewNormalMacrosRCP: Allographs Macro

1612 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 3.0FeedbackNormalMacrosRCP: AbbreviationsAndSemantics Macro

1611 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 2.0FeedbackNormalMacrosRCP: AbbreviationsAndLines Macro

1610 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 1.0In ProgressNormalSWBRCP: Macro Project2XTZ

1609 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 1.0FeedbackNormalSWBRCP: Macro TEI2Project

1597 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 1.0In ProgressNormalImportTBX: X.X, XML-XTZ import, encode milestones in word properties

1596 FeatureTXM - Oriflamms 1.0NewNormalImportTBX: X.X, new XML-XTZ + CSV import option : word element

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