TXM Portal 0.6.1

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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Category Subject % Done
1125 TaskClosedNormalGWT: x.x, Do not display the initial slash in the tab names of cms pages

1120 FeatureClosedNormalGWT: x.x, Create new Portal/Download command for corpus binary

1119 BugClosedNormalGWT: x.x, hyperlink and URL command error message

1117 TaskClosedNormalGWT: x.x, toolbar buttons tooltip

1100 TaskClosedNormalAdministrationGWT: x.x, add "list corpora directory" button in the administrator tools

1093 FeatureClosedNormalGWT: x.x, add concordance context cut

1092 FeatureClosedNormalUIGWT: x.x, prefix command toolbar with active selection name

1002 TaskClosedNormalUIGWT: x.x, Display corpus name in the "Documentation" tab label

971 BugClosedNormalUIGWT: 0.6, HTML page loader message to clean

816 BugClosedNormalGWT: 0.6, FMax is too low (999999) for lexicon and index queries

724 TaskClosedNormalUI / Link / CommandGWT: x.x, Add Documentation command to contextual menu

719 FeatureClosedNormalGWT: x.x, HTML pages, hyperlinks (external, internal, command) - STEP 3 ("record" command)

681 BugClosedHighGWT: x.x, profiles are reloaded at each user connexion

680 FeatureClosedNormalGWT: x.x, reload 'txmweb.conf' admin button

677 FeatureClosedNormalGWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL - STEP 2

627 TaskClosedNormalGWT: x.x, Edition, allow user enter the page number to display a specific page of an edition

597 TaskClosedHighGWT: x.x, Portal Corpus Edition CMS pages - STEP 1

241 FeatureClosedHighUI / InteractionGWT: x.x, Default Edition page width parameter - STEP 1

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