TXM 0.7.7

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Toggle_check # Tracker Category Subject Status % Done
633 BugRCP: 0.7.5, Mac OS X SearchEngine cannot startNew

1439 FeatureRCP: X.X, update web pages locationNew

841 FeatureCommandsTBX: x.x, Progression computed on Sub-corpusNew

1278 FeatureCommandsRCP: X,X, get help from the "txm" IRC channelNew

1394 BugCommandsRCP: 0.7.7beta2 Ubuntu1204_32, No browserNew

1397 BugCommandsRCP: 0.7.7beta2 Ubuntu1204_32, Factorial Analysis brokenNew

740 TaskDocumentationDOC: TXM manual, TXM log directory changedNew

747 TaskDocumentationDOC: Check R packages commandNew

762 TaskDocumentationDOC: Revert to a previous TXM configurationNew

777 TaskDocumentationDOC: 'DEV' update levelNew

778 FeatureDocumentationRCP: X.X, add reset perspective command in the "view" main menuNew

779 TaskDocumentationDOC: how the "ref" properties is built in the XML-TEI BFM importNew

782 TaskDocumentationDOC: div tags in the XML-TEI BFM importNew

799 TaskDocumentationDOC: export-import Lexical TableNew

1032 TaskDocumentationDOC: Add texts start positions to the R object produced by the Corpus SendToR commandNew

914 TaskDocumentationDOC: R workspace and libraries directoryNew

920 TaskDocumentationDOC: XML/w elements usage during the pager stepNew

1060 TaskDocumentationDOC: edit secondary Groovy scripts of the Macro viewNew

1034 TaskDocumentationDOC: CQP corpus name formatNew

1013 TaskDocumentationDOC: linux update prerequisitesNew

1233 TaskDocumentationDOC: update import editor documentationNew

1319 BugDocumentationDOC: Javadoc link broken (in Scripts section)New

1351 BugDocumentationDOC: Update "16.1 Fichier « metadata.csv »" manual sectionNew

1417 TaskDocumentationDOC: update "1.3.4 Le site web des développeurs du logiciel TXM" sectionNew

1418 TaskDocumentationDOC: update install and run TXM sectionsNew

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