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633 BugRCP: 0.7.5, Mac OS X SearchEngine cannot startNew

1439 FeatureRCP: X.X, update web pages locationNew

765 BugChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Charts exported SVG contain an empty/transparent area at the bottomClosed

1052 BugChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression Java graphic for subcorpus, X-axis starts on the 1st word of the corpusClosed

1056 BugChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression graphic Java engine (JFC/SVG view and export)Closed

1098 BugChartsTBX: move the separator characters of the chart tool tips to the messages.properties system to be able to edit them for each langageClosed

1102 FeatureChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Eigenvalues bar plot, add some informations to mouse over tool tipsClosed

1105 FeatureChartsRCP: 0.7.6, constrain axes ticks/units to square aspect ratio in CA factorial map chart of JFC modeClosed

1130 TaskChartsDOC: update user manual to introduce modifications involved by the charts engine in 0.7.7Closed

1137 FeatureChartsRCP: 0.7.6, CA charts, add a border matching the extreme coordinates points of the factorial map to delimit the chart areaClosed

1138 FeatureChartsRCP: 0.7.6, CA editor, eigenvalues table, integrate eigenvalues bar chart in the table rowsClosed

1170 BugChartsRCP: 0.7.7, CA eigenvalues, the character sum "Ʃ" is not well displayed under Windows XPClosed

1257 BugChartsCA factorial map, when a label is highlighted (mouse over or click event), other point labels are drawn over itClosed

1281 BugChartsRCP: 0.7.7, Charts, when vertical labels are too long, the chart is not drawnClosed

1401 BugChartsTBX: Warning: NLS unused message: ChartsEngine_SPECIFICITIES_BANALITE_MARKER_LABEL in: org.txm.tbx.chartsengine.base.messages.messages Closed

1011 BugCharts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.6, Label display problem in R graphics, MacClosed

841 FeatureCommandsTBX: x.x, Progression computed on Sub-corpusNew

952 BugCommandsRCP: 0.7.5, Ubuntu 14.04, TXM crashes with Description commandFeedback

1124 FeatureCommandsRCP: x.x, add concordance context cutFeedback

1055 BugCommandsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression graphic export console messageClosed

1010 BugCommandsTBX: 0.7.6, Concordance fail with "fromKey > toKey" error messageFeedback

1278 FeatureCommandsRCP: X,X, get help from the "txm" IRC channelNew

1394 BugCommandsRCP: 0.7.7beta2 Ubuntu1204_32, No browserNew

1397 BugCommandsRCP: 0.7.7beta2 Ubuntu1204_32, Factorial Analysis brokenNew

1108 BugCommands / ExportRCP: 0.7.6, automatically opening exported result file doesn't workClosed

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