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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Category Subject % Done
631 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x, Create new Portal/Download - RCP/Export command

630 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x, Create new getSource command

1086 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x, Portal Corpus Edition CMS pages - STEP 2

1132 TaskNewNormalDOC: Add full description of txmweb.conf and textometrie.properties to portal admin manual

1135 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x, Temporary ticket, various suggestions by Serge Heiden

2347 TaskNewNormalGWT: X.X., Allow hiding and moving the first columns in "Texts" table and "Text selection" in corpus settings

2896 TaskNewNormalGWT: x.x., Display corpus path before corpus name in the Corpus panel of the portal administration interface

2875 TaskNewNormalAdministrationAdmin, refresh corpus view after loading&removing a corpus

2876 TaskNewNormalAdministrationPortal shutdown, close users session

2893 TaskNewNormalAdministrationPortal messages customisation

1298 TaskNewNormalCommandsGWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL - STEP 4 - login on access restriction

1908 TaskNewNormalCommandsGWT: X.X., Display a bar chart as a result of 'Dimensions' command on a partition

2907 TaskNewNormalCommandsCommand parameters check step

2935 TaskNewNormalDémarrageRGPD compliance - cookies

288 TaskNewNormalDevelopmentGWT: x.x, Fix warning issues

2191 TaskNewNormalDevelopmentDefine the txm.war version to display it in the Tomcat Manager

726 TaskNewNormalDocumentationDOC: do the admin & dev documentation for the new features

1604 TaskNewNormalDocumentationDOC: create a doc to explain how to listen on port 80 instead of 8080

440 TaskNewNormalImportGWT: x,x, "Texts" table, set multiple sort keys at corpus import

1136 TaskNewNormalMessagesGWT: 0.6.1, Redundant vertical bar between buttons in the contextual menu

2885 TaskNewNormalMessagesBetter portal title display

2874 TaskNewNormalSetupUpdate installer

2201 TaskNewNormalUITranslate edition current page tool tip to french

2895 TaskNewNormalUIJSP default encoding

1202 TaskNewNormalUI / EditorGWT: 0.6.1, Index "frequency" column size

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