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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Category Subject % Done
204 FeatureClosedHighAdministrationGWT: x.x, logs, subcorpus and partition, add parameters

240 FeatureClosedHighGWT: x.x, Do not create table of texts if only one text in a corpus

281 TaskClosedHighGWT: 0.5, Correct EN export message

375 BugClosedHighUI / InteractionGWT: 0.5, "Texts" table, click on the "PDF" icon does not update the biblio record displayed below

448 BugClosedHighSetupGWT: 0,5: The Files directory is not copied from /var/lib/tomcat6/txm/projets/[portal] to /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/[portal] at redeployment

444 TaskClosedHighGWT: x,x, Externalize messages displayed by the portal

488 BugClosedHighSetupGWT: 0.5, Demo portal redeployement script, directories to copy

535 FeatureClosedHighGWT: x.x, upgrade subscription logs

537 TaskClosedHighGWT: x.x, create logs for "getPDF" action

539 BugClosedHighGWT: 0.5beta, wrong activity properties values order

540 FeatureClosedHighGWT: x.x, activity log

546 FeatureClosedHighGWT: x.x, Distinguish AdminContactEmail from the address in the "From" field for emails sent from the Portal

580 TaskClosedHighUIGWT: x.x, Remove transparency from sign-up form

583 TaskClosedHighUIGWT: x.x, Translate 'Property' in the French "Créer une partition" form

594 TaskClosedHighGWT: 0.5, Fix outcoming email format

596 TaskClosedHighUI / InteractionGWT: x.x, Edition, automatically resize facsimile image to fit the width of the tab

610 TaskClosedHighUIGWT: x.x, Edition, FR locale, Rename button "Fiche bibliographique" into "Notice"

653 BugClosedHighGWT: 0.6alpha, White screen displayed while compiling the list of texts

654 BugClosedHighGWT: 0.6alpha, "Sign in" form displayed in the bottom of the screen

656 TaskClosedHighGWT: x.x, Admin, Save the last connection date in the user account

657 BugClosedHighGWT: 0.6alpha, Hyperlink lexicon -> concordance not working

666 TaskClosedHighUI / InteractionGWT: x.x, Sign-up confirmation message, minor corrections

673 FeatureClosedHighGWT: x.x, HTML pages, hyperlinks (external, internal, command) - STEP 2

676 FeatureClosedHighGWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL - STEP 1

672 BugClosedHighGWT: x.x, HTML pages, hyperlinks (external, internal, command) - STEP 1

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