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984 TaskTXM 0.7.7ImportRCP: X.X, rename "onthefly" directory with "clipboard"

1172 TaskTXM 0.7.7ImportRCP: 0.7.7: TXM can't finalize the import

1213 TaskTXM 0.7.7ImportRCP: 0.7.7: lang import field is broken

650 BugTXM 0.7.6MacrosRCP: 0.7.5, missing "corpusViewSelection" binding

847 BugTXM 0.7.6MacrosRCP: x.x, macro Parameters dialog box fields of type 'File' fail with empty value

913 BugTXM 0.7.6MacrosRCP: X.X, remove sample groovy scripts from classpath

980 FeatureTXM 0.7.7MacrosRCP: X.X, XMLStatistics usePaths option false by default

1082 FeatureTXM 0.7.7MacrosTBX: Macro CreateList

1211 TaskTXM 0.7.7MacrosRCP: 0.7.7, Execution of Groovy script from contextual menu is broken

1154 FeatureTXM 0.7.8MessagesRCP: X.X, show TXM version is the startup console message

1187 TaskTXM 0.7.7MessagesRCP: X.X, startup messages

2038 TaskTXM 0.8.0MessagesManage UTF-8 localization .properties files

525 BugTXM 0.7.7NetworkRCP: 0.7.5, Fix timeout error at start-up when user is using a proxy

868 FeatureTXM 0.7.7NetworkTBX: X.X, R proxy configuration during TXM work session

2403 BugTXM 0.8.0Persistence / LazyResults .prefs files are flushed at TXM exit even if the "autosave" preference is disabled

748 FeatureTXM 0.7.6PreferencesRCP: x.x, add a preference to "Description" page for displaying parts count in partition dimensions chart title

750 TaskTXM 0.7.6PreferencesRCP: x.x, group all preferences linked to chart rendering in each command page to an area named "Charts rendering"

797 FeatureTXM 0.7.6PreferencesRCP: 0.7.5, add a preference to "Corespondence Analysis" page for setting default lowest frequency and number of lines of the Lexical table

326 TaskTXM 0.7.5SetupRCP: x.x, allow automatic updates in TXM

1189 BugTXM 0.7.7SetupRCP: 0.7.7, update last window of Ubuntu installation setup process

1190 BugTXM 0.7.7SetupRCP: 0.7.7, update R packages window of Ubuntu installation setup process

1192 BugTXM 0.7.7SetupRCP: 0.7.7, update very first window of Ubuntu installation setup process

564 FeatureTXM 0.7.6Stats / RTBX: x.x, R install.packages bug

687 BugTXM 0.7.6Stats / RTBX: 0.7.5, specificities 0 score problem

749 BugTXM 0.7.6Stats / RTBX: Windows: Execute an R script doesn't work if the script contains more than one line

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