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1418 TaskDocumentationDOC: update install and run TXM sectionsNew

1419 TaskDocumentationDOC: update "3.2 Lancer une mise à jour" sectionNew

1420 TaskDocumentationDOC: update "10.3.5 Installer TreeTagger pour ajouter automatiquement des propriétés morphosyntaxiques et des lemmes aux mots" sectionNew

1421 TaskDocumentationDOC: update "10.3.8 Les corpus exemples" sectionNew

1422 TaskDocumentationDOC: update " Le corpus QUÊTE" sectionNew

1423 TaskDocumentationDOC: update "11.8.1 Lexique " sectionNew

1424 TaskDocumentationDOC: update "11.7 Cooccurrences" sectionNew

217 FeatureImportRCP: x.x, Manage enclitics in the tokenizerNew

434 FeatureImportTBX: x.x, new import parameter: build edition (true/false)Feedback

851 BugImportTBX: 0.7.5: Frantext importFeedback

878 BugImportTBX: X.X, English apostrophe tokenization rulesNew

1042 FeatureImportRCP: X.X, new import parameters form field: 'page break tag/balise de saut de page'Feedback

1043 FeatureImportTBX: x.x transfer 'editionpage' import option from 'import.properties' parameter file to 'import.xml' parameter fileFeedback

1044 FeatureImportTBX: x.x, new import parameter scripts variable 'pageSize'Feedback

1045 FeatureImportRCP: X.X, new import parameters form field: 'words per page/mots par page'Feedback

1047 FeatureImportRCP: X.X, update import parameters form editorFeedback

966 BugImportTBX: 0.7.6, import module abort causes corrupted original corpusFeedback

975 BugImportTXM: 0.7.6, corpus import must not accept invalid corpus namesFeedback

984 TaskImportRCP: X.X, rename "onthefly" directory with "clipboard"Feedback

1012 BugImportRCP: 0.7.6, Clipboard import, White space in the Russian translation of the corpus nameIn Progress

1172 TaskImportRCP: 0.7.7: TXM can't finalize the importFeedback

1212 TaskImportRCP: 0.7.7, XML-TXM import module fails if some word has ana properties and not othersNew

1213 TaskImportRCP: 0.7.7: lang import field is brokenFeedback

1251 BugImportRCP: 0.7.6, fix tokenizer parameters fields in import form editorIn Progress

1310 FeatureImportTBX, X.X, better TreeTagger model file diagnosticIn Progress

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