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Task #171: GWT: 0.5, URL redirection
Bug #159: GWT: 0.5, Page 404 and refreshing the url in the address bar
Task #158: GWT: 0.5, Portal and Safari 5
Feature #142: GWT: 0.5, Favicon not displayed (or not correctly)
Feature #183: GWT: x.x, Improve the reliability of user data
Task #184: GWT: x.x, Set up automated backup copying
Task #185: GWT: 0.5, Reconsider the architecture of data backup
Feature #261: GWT: x.x, Develop a partial setup application for TXM Portal
Task #287: GWT: x.x, Create a configuration exemple
Feature #289: GWT: x.x, Portal restart process
Task #292: GWT: x.x, edit HTML pages through admin panel
Feature #293: GWT: x.x, Server & browser state widget
Feature #443: GWT: x,x, Reconsider the architecture of HTML pages
Task #593: GWT: x,x, "Texts" command, Make the names of columns "id", "Biblio" and "PDF" customizable
Task #595: GWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL
Bug #652: GWT: 0.5, can't select reference text in concordance
Task #662: GWT: X.X, Admin, upgrage logs for subcorpora and partitions
Task #663: GWT: x,x, Externalize messages displayed by the portal
Task #664: GWT: x.x, Admin, Send reminders to users after X days of inactivity
Feature #665: GWT: x.x, Add "share" button to generate URL for direct accès to the same result
Feature #728: GWT: x.x, OAI-PMH servlet
Feature #905: GWT: X.X, Text Selection, better 'Stats' opening UI
Bug #973: GWT: 0.6, synoptic edition menu
Feature #1003: GWT: x.x, FR : Utiliser @font-face pour ne pas obliger les utilisateurs à charger la police pour les transcriptions facsimilaires.
Bug #1004: GWT: 0.6, Edition, Facsimile, Simple Viewer beta 1.1, Arrows inactive when more than one tab with facsimile is opened
Feature #1084: GWT: x.x, Default Edition page width parameter
Task #1087: GWT: x.x, Portal Corpus Edition CMS pages
Feature #667: GWT: x.x, HTML pages, hyperlinks (external, internal, command)
Feature #1089: GWT: 0.5, fix "punct" option in the TIGERSearch concordance form
Bug #1115: GWT 0.6, Portal display and access with IE 11
Feature #1195: GWT: x.x, logs usage
Feature #1245: GWT: x.x, localize, update and parameterize the splash screen message
Feature #1360: GWT: X.X, remove HTML files from war
Bug #2290: GWT: 0.4, Seletion command, statistic panel, duplicated entries
Task #2891: Improve the corpus load command error management
Feature #3108: Enable internal links in edition pages at TXM portals
Task #161: GWT: 0.5, Multiple RServe servers for multiple portals per machine
Task #1123: GWT: x.x, add French translation to the "Show corpora directory content" button in the administrator tools
Bug #1219: GWT: 0.6.1, Admin interface, "Delete corpus" button disappeared from the admin corpora panel
Task #1269: GWT: X.X, Admin interface, show the current version of the portail
Task #1270: GWT: X.X, Admin interface, replace "base" with "corpus" in the corpora panel
Feature #1293: GWT: x.x, Exposition mode V1
Feature #1303: GWT: X.X, Concordance form default values
Bug #1830: GWT: 0.6.1, TIGERSearch query results overload
Task #1905: GWT: 0.6.1, BFM Portal Sign-up form, Make "Institution" field obligatory
Bug #280: GWT: 0.5, Check and update internationalized messages
Task #288: GWT: x.x, Fix warning issues
Bug #308: GWT: 0.5, Impossible to start a session with Firefox (versions to precise) after the BFM portal update (July 2013)
Task #440: GWT: x,x, "Texts" table, set multiple sort keys at corpus import
Feature #489: GWT: x.x, KNIC concordances
Feature #565: GWT: x.x, Edition, Show text ID when browsing by motive
Feature #1097: GWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL - STEP 3 - add parameters
Task #1298: GWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL - STEP 4 - login on access restriction
Task #613: GWT: x.x, Edition, Allow multiple facets when browsing by motive
Task #631: GWT: x.x, Create new Portal/Download - RCP/Export command
Task #630: GWT: x.x, Create new getSource command
Bug #655: GWT: 0.6alpha, Unexpected styling changes
Bug #658: GWT: 0.6alpha, Excessive top margin on "number of lines per page" combo box
Task #726: DOC: do the admin & dev documentation for the new features
Bug #727: GWT: x.x, Corpus reload bug
Feature #994: GWT: 0.6, Warning message during users initialization
Bug #1065: GWT: 0.5, Users' subcorpora lost at portal restart, feedback for ticket 284
Task #1086: GWT: x.x, Portal Corpus Edition CMS pages - STEP 2
Bug #1088: GWT: x.x, Change name "DictionnaryPermission" to "LexiconPermission" - STEP 2
Feature #1090: GWT: x.x, Rename "documentation" command to "home"
Feature #1091: GWT: x.x, portal home UI
Bug #1121: GWT: 0.6.1, Display of Index and Concordance tab names of queries containing angle brackets
Bug #1126: GWT: x.x, toolbar buttons tooltip - Polish
Task #1132: DOC: Add full description of txmweb.conf and textometrie.properties to portal admin manual
Bug #1133: GWT: 0.6.1, Cooccurences not working
Task #1135: GWT: x.x, Temporary ticket, various suggestions by Serge Heiden
Task #1136: GWT: 0.6.1, Redundant vertical bar between buttons in the contextual menu
Bug #1194: GWT: 0.6.1, edition page CSS clash
Task #1202: GWT: 0.6.1, Index "frequency" column size
Bug #1217: GWT: X.X: fix back to text highlight padding
Feature #1218: GWT: X.X, index properties order parameter
Bug #1416: GWT: 0.6: Java heap space exception
Feature #1443: GWT: x.x, add default documentation FAQ
Feature #1498: GWT: x.x, update Edition next/previous page navigation, add 'first/last text' buttons
Feature #1536: GWT: X.X, more corpus load details
Feature #1579: Portal 0.6.1: images of facs edition are not managed by the user account system
Task #1604: DOC: create a doc to explain how to listen on port 80 instead of 8080
Bug #1899: GWT: 0.6, Selection failed with text name containing regular expression reserved characters
Task #1908: GWT: X.X., Display a bar chart as a result of 'Dimensions' command on a partition
Feature #1918: GWT: X.X., Open new browser tab on getPDF action
Feature #1964: GWT: X.X., TXM portals welcome page visibility for crawlers
Bug #2084: GWT: 0.6.2, Firefox 52+ displays warning on insecure connection at log in
Task #2191: Define the txm.war version to display it in the Tomcat Manager
Bug #2192: Improve the welcome loading screen.
Bug #2193: Wrong confimation dialog text for the delete partition command
Bug #2194: Wrong error dialog text for CA command
Bug #2197: Specificites command, french mispelling
Bug #2198: Table columns width of Partition Index/Lexicon are not auto-adjusted
Task #2201: Translate edition current page tool tip to french
Feature #2214: GWT: X.X, embedded mode
Feature #2230: GWT: 0.6.2, login and password are not trimmed
Bug #2269: GWT: 0.6.1, Synchronize Simple_Viewer_beta usage between XTZ import module and TXM portal
Task #2347: GWT: X.X., Allow hiding and moving the first columns in "Texts" table and "Text selection" in corpus settings
Bug #2433: GWT: 0.6.2, Admin interface, Malformed XML in user data export format
Bug #2469: GWT: 0.6.2, Negative EditionPermission not working if set on a corpus or subcorpus
Feature #2515: GWT: 0.6.1, verify xml syntax conformity before using users and profiles configuration and messages parameter files
Feature #2516: GWT: 0.6.1, verify .properties files syntax and values types and syntax conformity before using configuration files
Bug #2575: After validating a profile edition, the content of the file stays in the field but the combo box selection doesn't stay on the profile name
Bug #2576: Tab key of connection pop up dialog moves the focus to the "lost password" link
Bug #2583: 0.6.2, Firefox 66.0.4, Chrome 74.0.3729.157: Return key doesn't work in the cooccurrence query field
Bug #2690: GWT: 0.6.2, Maintenance mode not exited completely after "Stop maintenance" in the administration interface
Bug #2873: Concordance, broken on opening
Task #2874: Update installer
Task #2875: Admin, refresh corpus view after loading&removing a corpus
Task #2876: Portal shutdown, close users session
Bug #2877: Admin, corpora files list, case sensitive sort
Bug #2878: Admin, corpus load/remove, error on empty corpus field
Task #2885: Better portal title display
Task #2893: Portal messages customisation
Task #2895: JSP default encoding
Task #2896: GWT: x.x., Display corpus path before corpus name in the Corpus panel of the portal administration interface
Bug #2897: fix corpora list command columns
Bug #2903: Wrong corpus access error message when opening a command
Feature #2906: Add text size
Task #2907: Command parameters check step
Task #2935: RGPD compliance - cookies
Feature #2945: GWT: X.X., Show total frequency and part size in partition indexes
Task #2971: Edition command for subcorpora
Bug #2983: GWT: Corpora view contextual menu, hide disable items
Bug #2984: GWT, context command internal link is broken
Bug #282: GWT: 0.5, Highlighting of concordance pivots is lost when navigating in edition pages
Bug #431: GWT: x.x, check profile coherence before saving it
Feature #904: GWT: X.X, Adding a new corpus to a portal, provide RCP like 'Load' functionnality
Bug #1250: GWT: 0.6.1, fix commands log filename
Feature #1603: GWT: Admin interface, height of the user profiles editor text area is too small
Bug #1605: GWT: ergonomy problem with synoptic editions
Feature #1606: GWT: restore the double click on line function to open an edition from the texts table
Feature #1906: GWT: X.X., Show total frequency and part size in partition indexes
Task #1907: GWT: X.X., Add more details to Dimensions command result on corpus/subcorpus and rename it 'Description'
Bug #2195: CA command does not work
Bug #2196: Specificites does not work
Feature #2202: Add the possiblity to define the synoptic editions columns order
Bug #2388: GWT: 0.6.2, Arithmetic error on export of 1 occurrence concordance
Task #2883: rename .TXMWEB directory
Task #2884: Rename the built-in profile "Newbe" into "Newbie"
Task #2886: Edition, default editions
Bug #2887: Duplicated 'home' toolbar button
Bug #2894: Broken upload command
Task #2904: Concordances pivot column justification
Bug #2905: Diagnose all statistical commands (Specificities, CA, Cooccurrences)
Bug #2910: "Update logs" command not working in TXM portal admin interface
Task #2925: Add "props" parameter to internal links to commands
Bug #2944: GWT: 0.6.2, Admin interface, "Remove corpus" command does not delete the corpus properly
Bug #2966: Edition, no facette selection widget if openened with broken hyperlink
Bug #2967: Hyperlink on element not shown in the Corpora panel
Task #2985: GWT: replace the portal_address portal parameter
Task #2994: GWT: Binary corpus download, enable the command only if the .txm is present and permission is granted
Bug #2996: GWT: corpus download command, wrong downloaded file extension (zip)
Feature #3100: Specificities, Export
Feature #3101: AFC, Export
Feature #3102: Cooccurrences, Export
Bug #3103: Specificities, shrinked display when too many parts
Feature #1302: GWT: X.X, Font size depending on portal mode
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